Feds Cancel Order for $47K in Mechanical Bulls

Eric Scheiner | October 10, 2013 | 12:57pm EDT
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A mechanical bull offered by Mechanical Bulls Sales (mechanicalbullsales.com photo)

(CNSNews.com) -The Utah National Guard has cancelled its order for $47,174 in mechanical bulls.

CNSNews.com had reported the order on Monday in a story that was linked to the Drudge Report and cited on Fox News.

A cancellation notice for the contract was posted on the General Services Administration (GSA) website at 9:32 AM Thursday.

Press Information Officer Lt. Col. Hank McIntire of the Utah National Guard tells CNSNews.com there never really was a contract, “There were glitches in the contracting process. So, no contract was ever drawn up or consummated.”

When asked if he could tell CNSNews.com what the specific glitches were, McIntire replied, “No.”

CNSNews.com had interviewed McIntire for the initial report on the mechanical bull purchase contract.

“It’s a series of unfortunate events,” McIntire says. "Because the tracking of authorizations or contracts are automated it’s not surprising that that aspect of it - where the website would show that it went through even though (the order) had ceased and desisted before that.”

When informed of the cancellation posting for the contract on Thursday morning, McIntire said, “Even though there was no contract. So, it’s still incorrect.”

The Utah National Guard says the initial solicitation was for two mechanical bulls, instead of one, as CNSNews.com previously reported. And even though there was no contract, the National Guard contacted the owner of Mechanical Bull Sales of State College, Penn. to cancel the order on Oct. 1.

Gracienne Myers, the owner of Mechanical Bull Sales Inc., confirmed to CNSNews.com that she received a cancellation call from the National Guard on Oct. 1 – for one bull.

“He told me that he was not going to proceed with the two bulls, maybe one. Maybe one in the future,” Myers said.

“He told me if the time came to purchase a mechanical bull in the future Mechanical Bull Sales Incorporated would be the first ones to be contacted because we fit all the requirements they had.”

When asked about a future mechanical bull purchase for the Utah National Guard McIntire said, “We’re not contemplating a purchase at this time.”

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