After 25 Years in Washington, Sanders Says: ‘I’m Not Exactly a Career Politician’

By Eric Scheiner | January 4, 2016 | 11:46am EST
In this Aug. 11, 1991 AP file photo, Rep. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt. is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington in the House Banking Committee room. (AP Photo)

( - After serving 25 years as a member of Congress, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) says he’s “not exactly a career politician.”

Sanders made the comment on Sunday’s edition of ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos after fill-in host Martha Raddatz noted his 25-year career in Washington.

“Well, I think if you look at my record I'm not exactly a career politician,” Sanders said. “Martha, during my tenure in the Congress, I have taken on virtually every powerful special interest, from Wall Street to the insurance companies, to the pharmaceutical industry, to the military industrial complex -but what my campaign is about is standing up to the billionaire class today.”

Before being sworn in as Vermont's Representative to Congress in January of 1991, Sanders was elected and served as Mayor of Burlington, Vt. for eight years in the 1980’s.

Sanders also unsuccessfully ran for various political offices throughout much of the 1970’s.

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