Vice President Pence: ‘Attacks on Christian Education Must End’

By Emily Ward | January 18, 2019 | 10:33 AM EST

Vice President Mike Pence and wife Karen Pence (Getty Images/Christopher Jue)

( -- In a Jan. 17 interview with Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on Perkins’ radio program, “Washington Watch,” U.S. Vice President Mike Pence called out the media for their “attacks on Christian education,” saying these attacks “must end.”

Pence’s wife, Karen Pence, has been facing harsh criticism from the liberal press for her decision to return to teaching at Immanuel Christian School, a private elementary school that promotes Biblical values, and that asks its employees to live a lifestyle free from homosexual activity.

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, Pence announced her intention to resume teaching art at the school, where she previously taught for 12 years.

After her announcement, critics said Pence’s decision promotes discrimination against LGBT people. The Huffington Post, for instance, ran a headline describing the school as a “Discriminatory School.”   The New York Times expressed much concern about what the school teaches about evolution.

In the interview with Perkins, Vice President Pence defended his wife and insisted upon an end to attacks on Christian education.

“Karen and I have been in and around public life for almost two decades, and so, to be honest with you, we’re used to the criticism,” Pence began. “But the attacks on Christian education by the mainstream media have got to stop.”

Second lady Karen Pence. (YouTube)

Pence also emphasized the importance of religious freedom in the United States.

 “We cherish the freedom of religion in this country,” he said. “This administration stands foursquare for the freedom of religion of people of all faiths, and to see the mainstream media criticize my wife, because she’s choosing to return to the classroom of an elementary Christian school, is wrong. Again, attacks on Christian education must end.”

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