87 Women Who Know Brett Kavanaugh: The Allegation is ‘False’

Emily Ward | September 21, 2018 | 3:10pm EDT
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Sara Fagen, #IStandWithBrett.

(CNSNews.com) -- Eighty-seven women who personally know Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanugh stepped forward today to demonstrate their conviction that Christine Blasey Ford's allegation that Kavanaugh committeed a sexual assault against her 36 years ago is “false."

“Women from every phase of Judge Kavanaugh’s life, those who know him best, have stepped forward to say that the allegation being leveled against him is false, and we are proud to stand with Brett,” said Sara Fagen, a former senior aide in the Bush administration who worked closely with Kavanaugh and who spoke for all 87 women.

The women gathered at a press conference, #IStandWithBrett, at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C. on Friday. They declared the sexual assault allegations brought forth by California psychology Prof. Christine Blasey Ford are false and they attested to the judge’s character.

Just a few days before the Senate Judiciary Committee was scheduled to vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, Ford alleged that Kavanaugh groped her at a party when the two were in high school some 36 years ago.

However, Ford did not recall where the alleged assault occurred, what year it occurred, and how she got home.  No witness has corroborated her story. Three of the men named by Ford as being at the party have denied her allegations.

Fagen said that Judge Kavanaugh was a “great colleague” whose character was “always the same.”

“Whether you were male or female, white or black, an intern or the chief of staff, Brett was also always the same. Respectful, responsive and available. His character was consistent. Simply put, Brett was a great colleague,” Fagen said.

She described how Kavanaugh took care of her during and after the Sept. 11 attacks, which is when the two forged their close friendship.

#IStandWithBrett  press conference, Sept. 21, 2018. 

“My colleague took care of me that day. He made sure I was safe, had food and money, and also made sure I got home safely that evening,” Fagen said.

“He took the time to follow up with me and make sure I was okay,” she added.

Fagen was one of six women who spoke at the conference. The others were Meghan McCaleb, Maura Fitzgerald, Cathie Martin, Laura Cox Kaplan and Jenn Mascott.

According to McCaleb, Judge Kavanaugh treated women with “nothing but total respect and decency.”

“The Brett Kavanaugh I know dated my sister and some of my closest friends during high school and college, all of whom said that he treated them with nothing but total respect and decency, to the point where he remains close friends with them today,” McCaleb said.

Fitzgerald, who dated Kavanaugh briefly in college and has been friends with him ever since, said that the allegation against him is “inconsistent” with everything she knows about him.

When Fitzgerald went through a personal tragedy in college, Kavanaugh was the only person to write her a note, she said.

“Brett sent me a letter letting me know how sorry he was, writing that although he had never been in a similar situation, he could imagine the hurt that I was feeling. That was very typical of Brett – openly and unabashedly exhibiting care and compassion. To my recollection, he was the only friend, male or female, who wrote a note to me after that terrible time,” Fitzgerald said.

Martin, a personal friend of Judge Kavanaugh’s and a former White House colleague, has known the judge for over two decades.

“Brett is one of the most decent, honorable, good-hearted people I know,” she said. “He is a man of high integrity and character. I’ve never seen him be anything but a true gentleman in all aspects of his life.”

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  (YouTube)

Martin also called Judge Kavanaugh a “model of what is right and good.”

Kaplan, who has been friends with Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh since before any of them were married, took issue with the way the allegation, which was made with no “corroboration or evidence,” has the power to “dismantle a person’s career.”

“The nomination process should be one that weeds out those who are not qualified or suited to serve. Sadly, this process isn’t. It seems anyone can launch an allegation without corroboration or evidence and dismantle a person’s career and their life and the lives of their family members,” she said.

Kaplan also said that Judge Kavanaugh is “highly deserving” of the Supreme Court seat.

“I am a patriotic American and I’m here as the friend of someone who is highly deserving of the position for which he has been nominated. Our country simply cannot do better,” she said.

Mascott, who served as a law clerk for Kavanaugh from 2006-2007, also attested to Judge Kavanaugh’s character.

“From the time that I met Judge Kavanaugh more than 12 years ago, I’ve known him to be a person of the highest integrity and character. He’s kind and generous, honorable and transparent,” Mascott said.

“These allegations are inconsistent with everything I know about Judge Kavanaugh,” she added, echoing the statements of other women who spoke.

After the women spoke, a reporter asked Fagen what evidence she had to support the claim that the allegations against Kavanaugh are false.

Fagen responded, “The reason that we know that this allegation is false is because we know Brett Kavanaugh, and we believe, and the reason that there are more than 75 women standing up here today, is because we know the man, we know his heart, and we’ve known him over every aspect of his life, and the charge leveled against him is inconsistent with every single thing we know about him.”

When asked whether she believed Ford is lying, Fagen said that she is not here to “impune her character.”

“I am not here to impune her character or question her motives. I am here simply to talk about Brett Kavanaugh,” said Fagen.

Another reporter asked, “If the allegation were true, do you believe it would be disqualifying for someone who’s nominated to the Supreme Court?”

“The allegation isn’t true, and Brett Kavanaugh is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court,” Fagen said.

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