Duck Dynasty's Phil on Israel: 'They Wrote the Bible. That's Why I Love Them'

By Craig Millward | September 9, 2015 | 5:18pm EDT
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( - At a rally held outside the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday to express opposition to the nuclear deal that President Barack Obama has made with Iran, Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson said he does not trust the regime in Iran but that he loves Israel because Israel gave the world the Bible.

“I don't do deals with individuals whoever they are, when they're hollering at the top of their lungs when I walk out the place where we're doing the deal, and they're saying: 'Death to you! We're going to kill you.'” Said Robertson.

“That's the last bunch you want to have nuclear weapons,” he said.

“Israel, the most faithful ally that we have,” he said. “You know why I love Israel? They wrote the Bible. That's why I love them."

“When God chose to become flesh 2,015 years ago--your calendar dates that event, God becoming flesh--you know what kind of flesh he became? Jewish flesh,” said Robertson. “Their’s are the patriarchs, Abraham, Issac, Jacob. They wrote the Bible, for crying out loud. Therefore, you never, ever want to put them in unnecessary danger, which this deal will do.”

The “Stop the Iran Deal” rally at which Robertson spoke was organized by the Tea Party Patriots and brought together members of Congress, presidential candidates and conservative leaders, who are urging Congress to stop the deal.

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