Trump Says He’s Willing to Make Deal With Dems to Raise Some Taxes to Pay for ‘Middle Class’ Tax Cut

By Staff | November 7, 2018 | 5:05 PM EST

President Donald Trump (Screen Capture)

( - President Donald Trump indicated at his press conference today that he is willing to cut a deal with Democrats in Congress to raise taxes somewhere—make “a little bit of an adjustment”—in exchange for a middle-class tax cut.

"I am just saying: I would be certainly willing to do a little bit of an adjustment," Trump said about increasing some taxes.

The president made the point in the following exchange with a reporter:

Reporter: “Thank you, Mr. President. Let me ask you about one of the campaign promises you made down the stretch, which was a 10-percent tax cut for the middle class. You just talked about gridlock. Democrats—They now run the House Ways and Means Committee. If it means a tax cut of some kind for the middle class, but that means raising rates elsewhere—corporations, on the wealthiest—is that a trade-off that you would be willing to make in able to enact a middle-class tax cut.”

Trump: “You know that this will have to be now proposed because if we did it now we don’t have the votes in the Senate. We would need ten Democrat votes. We probably could not get them. If we could, we could pass it very easily in the House. But there is no reason to waste time because you do not have the votes in the Senate.

“But if the--As an example, if the Democrats come up with an idea for tax cuts—which, I am a big believer in tax cuts—I would absolutely pursue something even if it means some adjustment."

Reporter: “Some adjustment on which side? The corporate? The individual?”

Trump: “Some adjustment. Yeah. To make it possible. But I would love to see a tax cut for the middle class. Now, that’s going to be their decision. They are going to have to make that decision. As you know, if we bring it up to the Senate, we’d need Democrat votes. Ten. And we don’t have those ten votes."

Reporter: “And just because the markets would want to know, sir: Some adjustment—would that be one, two, three percent on either side? It’s too early?"

Trump: “I am not telling you that. I am just saying: I would be certainly willing to do a little bit of an adjustment.”

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