Sen. Elizabeth Warren Warns That Trump’s Ban on Transgenders in Military ‘Makes America Less Safe’ Staff | August 30, 2017 | 4:24pm EDT
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Screen Capture)

( - Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) says that President Donald Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from the U.S. military will “make America less safe.”

"President Trump just issued an official memo that insults the courage and sacrifices being made by thousands of transgender troops, and he once again proved that he cares more about extreme ideology than military readiness,” Warren said in a statement released on Friday after the president sent an official memorandum to the Defense Department to implement the ban.

“The President can pretend this decision is about military effectiveness, but it isn't,” said Warren. “Banning individuals from serving based on gender identity is shameful and wrong--and it makes America less safe.”

Trump’s memorandum returned the Defense Department and the Coast Guard (which is under the Department of Homeland Security) to the policy that was in place banning open transgenders from the military before it was changed in June 2016 by the Obama administration. Trump's memorandum also halts Defense and the Coast Guard from using government funds for “sex reassignment surgery.”

However, in the memorandum, Trump informed the secretaries of defense and homeland security that they can advise him in writing any time they wish that allowing transgenders to serve in the military is the right policy.

“The Secretary of Defense, after consulting with the Secretary of Homeland Security, may advise me at any time, in writing, that a change to this policy is warranted,” said the memorandum.

To view Warren’s complete statement click here. To view Trump’s complete memorandum click here.

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