Kamala Harris: ‘I Support Green New Deal Because We Need a Sense of Urgency…to Address the Climate Crisis’

By CNSNews.com Staff | February 27, 2019 | 4:23 PM EST

Sen. Kamala Harris (Getty Images/Stephen Maturen)

(CNSNews.com) - Sen. Kamala Harris on Tuesday night tweeted out a video of an interview she did with MSNBC in which she addressed what she sees as the urgency needed in dealing with climate change.

“I support the Green New Deal because we need a sense of urgency and a bold agenda to address the climate crisis,” Harris said in the Tweet.

“First of all, climate change is presenting an existential threat to our nation,” Harris said in the MSNBC interview. “And the world—what am I saying, our nation—the globe.

“And we have an administration that is focused on spewing science fiction instead of science fact,” she said.

[To see Harris's Tweet and the video it contains click here.]

“We were part of a group of nations who understood that collectively we can make a difference, and we have got to take seriously, all of us, the reality that if we don’t act and act with a sense of urgency, it will be to our collective peril,” Harris said.

“I support what we need to do around creating and having as goals timelines around how we are going to address greenhouse gas emissions,” she said.

“We as human beings actually have within out power the ability to change our behaviors—not in drastic ways, by the way—to reduce the effects of climate change,” she said.

“And this administration has failed us. They are looking backward and not realizing it is a smart approach to think about how we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, how we can improve what we do around conservation and recycling of water—I mean, I could go on and one,” she said.

“But what I do know is this: This administration has failed to think about the future,” Harris said.

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