Kamala Harris: Banning Trans from ‘Our Military Violates Fundamental Value at Heart of Our Country’

By CNSNews.com Staff | March 20, 2019 | 3:21 PM EDT

(Getty Images/Ethan Miller)

(CNSNews.com) - Sen. Kamala Harris (D.-Calif.) sent out a Tweet today protesting the decision made by the Department of Defense to require all service members to serve according to the standards set for their biological—rather than preferred—gender.

“Banning transgender people from serving in our military violates the fundamental value at the heart of our country: equality,” said Harris. “This cannot be our America.”

Earlier this month, Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist issued a memorandum stating that transgenders in the military would need to meet the standards associated with their biological sex.

The memorandum said:

“Except where a provision of policy has granted an exception, transgender Service members or applicants for accession to the Military Services must be subject to the same standards as all other persons.

“--When a standard, requirement, or policy depends on whether the individual is male or female (e.g. medical fitness for duty; physical fitness and body fat standards; berthing, bathroom, and shower facilities; and uniform and grooming standards), all persons will be subject to the standard, requirement, or policy associated with their biological sex.”

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