Booker: ‘Right-Wing Extremists…Behind the Majority of Terrorist Attacks in This Country Since 9/11’

By Staff | August 19, 2019 | 1:35pm EDT
Sen. Cory Booker at a fundraiser in New York City, Aug. 12, 2019. (Getty Images/Drew Angerer)

( - Sen. Cory Booker (D.-N.J.) sent out at Tweet on Thursday saying that “right-wing extremists” have been responsible for the most terrorist attacks in the United States since the 9/11 terrorist attack that was carried out by al Qaeda.

Booker linked his Tweet to his plan confront hate crimes and white supremacist violence.

“Right-wing extremists have been behind the majority of terrorist attacks in this country since 9/11—and most of them were white supremacists,” Book said in his Tweet. “These acts of hatred do not happen in a vacuum. We need to act to prevent more violence.”

Booker’s plan to confront hate crimes and white supremacist violence was posted on his campaign website.

“White supremacy has always been a problem in our American story -- if not always at the surface, then lurking not so far beneath it,” said the introduction to the plan, quoting from the speech that booker gave on Aug. 9, 2019 at the Emanual AME Church.

“And, yes, racist violence has always been a part of the American story -- never more so than in times of transition and times of rapid social change,” Booker said in that speech.

One element of Booker’s plan calls for creating a new White House office:

“Create a White House Office on Hate Crimes and White Supremacist Violence to bring together federal agencies and community organizations to improve upon and coordinate the federal response and ensure that dedicated resources are addressing hate crimes and to helping victims and impacted communities,” it says.

Another calls for working with other nations and “internet platforms” to deal with “violent extremism on the Internet.”

“Work with international partners and internet platforms to address violent extremism on the internet around the world,” it says.




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