Billy Graham Named to Gallup 'Top 10 Most Admired Men' List -- for 56th Time

By Pete Winn | January 3, 2013 | 7:09 PM EST

In this Dec. 20, 2010 photo, evangelist Billy Graham, 92 at the time, is interviewed at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. (AP Photo/Nell Redmond, File)

( - The Rev. Dr. Billy Graham and President Ronald Reagan now stand at the top of the list -- in terms of the number of times anyone has been named to Gallup’s Top 10 Most Admired Men list.

According to the pollster, Graham, who is 94, has been named to the Gallup list 56 times since 1955, more than anyone else -- male or female.

Graham, who founded the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 1950, has never been named the Most Admired Man, but was consistently ranked Number Two from 1969 through 1974 -- and reached second twice more in the ‘90s.

In 2012, Rev. Graham was listed fourth -- behind President Barack Obama,  Nelson Mandela and Mitt Romney.

Reagan, who was the 40th U.S. president, was on the list 31 times until his death in 2004. He was the Number One Most Admired Man from 1981 through 1988 -- the length of his time in office.

Pope John Paul II, Jimmy Carter, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Harry Truman, Nelson Mandela and George H. W. Bush round out the list of those finishing in the Top 10 for the most number of times.

For women, two Brits -- Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Margaret Thatcher -- top the list for the number of times they have been named to the Top 10 Most Admired Women list. The queen has been on the list 45 times, finishing as high as Number Two on multiple occasions.

Thatcher, who was Britain’s prime minister when Reagan was in office, has been on the list 34 times.

They are followed by Jacqueline Kennedy -- the widow of President John F. Kennedy -- Oprah Winfrey, Mamie Eisenhower, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, Margaret Chase Smith, Nancy Reagan, Mother Teresa and Claire Booth Luce.

Hillary Clinton leads all women, having been named the World's Most Admired Woman Number One Most Admired Woman 17 times since 1993, when she was First Lady.  Former President and Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower topped the chart 12 times -- the most for any man.

In 2012, Clinton was the top most admired woman, followed by Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Condoleeza Rice.

Gallup has conducted its Top 10 Most Admired Poll since 1946. The open-ended survey asks people to name the person living in the world that they most admire.

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