Barbara Walters: 'I Regret Not Having More Children'

Barbara Hollingsworth | December 23, 2013 | 2:38pm EST
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"The View" co-host Barbara Walters (AP photo)

( – After a storied broadcast news career spanning five decades, Barbara Walters told CNN’s Piers Morgan that one of her biggest regrets in life was not having more children.

"I regret not having more children. I would have loved to have had a bigger family," an emotional Walters, who has one adopted daughter, told CNN’s Piers Morgan in a Dec. 17 interview.

After several miscarriages, Walters adopted a daughter with second husband Lee Guber. Jacqueline Danforth, now 44, was named after Walters’ sister, who died in 1985.

"Final question. It's kinda not a best or worst, it's more like you've had such an extraordinary life and career and it's continuing on until your retirement, and I'm sure it will carry on after that. If you could relive one moment in your life, the moment that brought you the greatest satisfaction, thrill, sadness perhaps, what is, you think, the moment?” Morgan asked the 84-year old Walters.

“Can I tell you what I regret when you're talking that way? I regret not having more children,” interjected Walters. “I regret, I would have loved to have had a bigger family. I have one daughter. I don't have brothers and sisters. I had a sister that I loved and she was developmentally challenged, I guess is how they put it. I wish I had a bigger family."

Walters, co-host of “The View,” who began her career as a writer and producer for the Today show in 1962 and became the first female co-anchor of a network news broadcast, plans to retire next year.

In a 2003 interview with Jane Pauley, Walters and her daughter frankly discussed Jackie’s troubled teenage years, including her drug abuse and running away from home for a month when she was 15.

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