'Skins Put More In Seats in 1 Home Game Than HealthCare.Gov Enrolled

By Ali Meyer | November 14, 2013 | 1:35pm EST

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III holds his figures up in victory as he leaves Fed Ex  field after a NFL football game against the Chicago Bears on Oct. 20, 2013. The Redskins defeated the Bears 45-41. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

(CNSNews.com) -- More Americans attended the Redskins home game in October, than selected a health insurance plan through the federal web site HealthCare.Gov, according to the numbers released Wednesday by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), popularly known as Obamacare, requires that “marketplace” exchanges be established at the state and the federal level for people to enroll and purchase health insurance coverage. For the states that choose not to set up their own exchange, the federal government can erect one.  At the federal leveral, the web site is HealthCare.Gov, which has been plagued with technical problems since its launch on Oct. 1.

Nonetheless, the HHS said yesterday that 26,794 people had selected a health care plan through HealthCare.Gov during the period Oct. 1-Nov.2.

In that same timeframe, the Washington Redskins football team played one home game at Fed Ex field, on Oct. 20.  The stadium there can hold 91,704 and, according to the Redskins web site, that game was sold out:  91,704 tickets sold.

Nearly three times the number of people went to a Redskins home game, than the number of Americans that signed up on the HealthCare.Gov exchange.

In the state-level exchanges, according to HHS, 79,391 people selected a health insurance plan.  Combined, 29,794 at the federal HelathCare.Gov and 79,391 at the state exchanges, equals 106,185 people.

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