Levin: Amnesty Attitude of 'Impotent French Republicans Drives Me Nuts'

Timothy Hill
By Timothy Hill | March 28, 2014 | 4:35 PM EDT

Unless an illegal alien has committed a crime, "They're here to stay," Mark Levin said on his Wednesday radio show, commenting on new statistics regarding the government's handling of apprehended illegal aliens:

"At least 99.92% of those who overstayed their visas did not face removal. Did you hear that? 99.92%. Illegal immigrants are those who have overstayed their visas, and I might add, that those terrorists on 9/11, they overstayed their visas. Those who do not facially meet the administration's select priorities are allowed to freely work in the United States and receive taxpayer benefits whether or not they come into contact with immigration authorities.

"The next time you hear one of these idiot politicians, especially these idiot Republicans, say, "We want these people to come out of the shadows," ladies and gentlemen, they're out of the shadows! The sun shines brightly.

"The illegality is in the oval office and the pathetic response from these impotent French Republicans drives me nuts. We have no effective enforcement of immigration in this country unless someone has actually committed a crime. Other than that, they're here to stay!"

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