Video: How Offensive to Students at Berkeley Is the ISIS Flag? The Israeli Flag?

By Michael Morris | November 20, 2014 | 10:04am EST

Ami Horowitz traveled to Berkeley in California to see which is more offensive to the students there – the ISIS flag or Israel’s flag.

First, Horowitz grabbed the ISIS flag and went to work. While waving the flag he chanted:

“ISIS misunderstood. We just want our own state. Why does America keep bombing us? America and Western imperialism are to blame, not ISIS.

“We just want a state of our own – an Islamic state – no different than America. We don’t want to hurt anybody else if we don’t have to hurt them.

“Why is America killing us? They are killing innocent civilians. America is causing the death in the Iraq and Syria. America is to blame for the deaths in Syria, not ISIS, not Islamic State.”

One passerby nodded toward Horowitz and said, “Good luck.”

Then Horowitz continued:

“The blood of the Middle East is on the hands of America. American imperialism is responsible for death all around the world.”

“Right?” asked Horowitz to a student who was walking by, the student seemingly nodding in agreement as he passed.

“That’s right. We are ISIS. We are love. We don’t want to harm anybody. We’re forced to by American imperialism and American laws.”

“Right?” Horowitz questioned again, to which another student gave a fist pump of approval.

Then, what appeared to be a worried student approached Ami Horowitz. Only this student did the unthinkable. Instead of confronting Horowitz about the ISIS flag he was waving, the student warned Horowitz that he “can’t smoke on campus” and that the campus police “are going to cite” him. Horowitz replied, “Oh. Alright. Thanks man. I appreciate it.” The student continued on, apparently proud of his accomplishment in saving Horowitz from a citation.

Next, Ami Horowitz grabbed Israel’s flag and began waving it in a similar fashion. He then said the following about Berkeley and tolerance:

“Tolerance has always been an important value in Berkeley.”

What happened next? You guessed it. Berkeley passersby began assailing Horowitz with an onslaught of hatred, degrading both Israel and its national flag.

One passerby said, “Israel is a thief in the night. Israel is a thief in the night. Israel is a thief in the day.” Another merely laughed out loud as he walked past.

Horowitz proclaimed that “Israel protects Palestinian human rights,” to which a lady retorted, “No it doesn’t.” Yet another retorted, “The whole world knows you’re wrong.”

Then Horowitz began blaming Hamas for the unrest in the Middle East saying, “Only Hamas is responsible. Right?"

"You agree with that?" he said pointing at two students.

The two answered him, laughing: “No, not really. No we don’t.”

Horowitz questioned them again: “You don’t agree that Hamas is a terrorist organization?”

The students, still laughing, said, “No.”

Another man walked by exclaiming, “F*** Israel.” Horowitz interjected, “Excuse me.” “I said, F*** Israel,” the man continued. “That’s the way your respond?” Horowitz asked. “Yeah, F*** Israel. F*** Israel. F*** Israel.”

Later a woman chimed in: “All of Israel are killers.”

“All of Israel are killers,” said Horowitz, “and Hamas are not killers?”

The woman answered: “No.”

“Tyranny isn’t cute,” shouted another.

“Your killing kids,” said yet another.

“Whatever, yo, free Palestine from Israel, dude!” yelled another.

Finally, as if not to be outdone by anyone else, a man lit into Horowitz with a lengthy tirade:

“That flag you wave is the psychological genocide of this planet. This institution is part of the people who enslaved the whole planet.”

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