Mark Levin: IRS Cover-up ‘Most Loathsome Police Act in Modern American History’

By Michael Morris | September 9, 2014 | 9:21am EDT

In what many could only expect to read in a fiction novel, it has been discovered that the emails of more IRS agents have gone missing. The IRS blamed “routinely experienced” computer crashes for all the lost emails, and said that all the crashes happened well before Congress launched its investigations.

On Friday, Mark Levin suggested that “[t]hey must be working overtime over at the Internal Revenue Service, or as I call it, the IRSS. And over there at the IRSS, they’re busy issuing press releases and other information, I thought, when the government’s closed.”

According to the Associated Press, “When Congress started investigating the IRS last year, the agency identified 82 employees who might have documents related to the inquiries. The IRS said 18 of those people had computer problems between September 2009 and February 2014. Of those employees, five probably lost emails — in addition to Lerner — the agency said Friday.”

Among those whose emails were lost due to such crashes were: two Cincinnati IRS workers, a technical adviser to Lerner, a tax law specialist, and a group manager in the tax-exempt division.

Mark Levin had the following to say about the newly discovered missing emails from five more employees who are part of congressional probes into the treatment of conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status:

“So, now we’ve come full circle. You want me to talk about boats? You want me to talk about hemorrhoids? You want me to talk about meatballs? No, I don’t think so! I think we’ll do, and focus on, we’ll do our job and focus on what’s necessary here.

“The two agents in Cincinnati, in the original inspector general’s report, processing applications for tax-exempt status, who were supposed to take the fall but wouldn’t take the fall, their emails are missing. How do you like that?

“Isn’t it amazing, emails missing in the Washington office, emails missing in the Cincinnati office, emails missing in this office and that office. Massive cover-up.

“What are they covering up? For whom are they covering up? For whom is Eric Holder covering up? Where are the 40 FBI agents working on this case? Where’s the special prosecutor in this case? Are we not concerned that the IRSS is getting away with the most loathsome act, the most loathsome police act in modern American history by the federal government?”

Finally, Levin suggested that there was a reason that no one wanted to talk about the IRS investigation. “[Y]ou and I [must be] the only ones who care,” Levin said, “but here it is Friday, [and] nobody gives a damn.” The answer, Levin alleged, is that they must be protecting someone, wherein he said the following:

“Now, I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday. This is a massive cover-up.

“Who are they protecting? I’ll tell you who they’re protecting: somebody in the Oval Office. Doesn’t mean Barack Obama gave direct orders to the IRS to do anything, but I cannot believe, and I will not believe, that this kind of criminality was going on, on a broad-base level, in the Internal Revenue Service and nobody told the Oval Office, and nobody told the White House. I’ll never believe that.”

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