Blood-Red Lunar Lamps Just Another Light Show?

By Michael Morris | October 6, 2014 | 5:20pm EDT

The second of four blood moons, part of a set of four total lunar eclipses, also known as a tetrad, is set to occur this Wednesday Oct. 8, 2014, at 9:41 UT.

According to NASA, the first of this tetrad took place on Apr. 15, 2014, the second is Wednesday, and there will be two more in 2015. The third total lunar eclipse will occur on Apr. 4, 2015, and the fourth will take place on Sept. 28, 2015.

The Oct. 8, 2014 lunar eclipse is said to be visible to all parts of the United States, and “[i]t promises to be a stunning sight, even from the most light polluted cities,” says long-time NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak.

Totality begins at 6:25 a.m. Eastern Time, when the moon will be hanging low over the Western horizon.

If you live on the West Coast you will be in an even better position to see this stunning display. The moon will be high in the sky, and totality will begin at 3:25 a.m. Pacific Time.

But what gives the moon its reddish hue? During the lunar eclipse, as explained in the video, “the moon passes deep inside the shadow of our planet, a location that bathes the face of the moon in a coppery light.”

Red is not the only color, though. Many observers have noted seeing a band of turquoise when gazing at a lunar eclipse. As the video describes, “[t]he source of the turquoise is ozone.”

Richard Keen, an Atmospheric Scientist at the University of Colorado, explains that this turquoise color is created by “light passing through the upper stratosphere, penetrating the ozone layer, which absorbs red light and actually makes the passing light ray bluer.”

What is the significance of these peculiar lunar events?

Many, like CNN, contend that these eclipses are nothing “to go loony over.” They are, after all, only “cosmic coincidences.”

These eclipses are “the same predictable ones that make it easy for modern-day astronomers to exactly calculate blood moons,” says the article.

Others, like Pastor John Hagee, referencing Joel 2:31, believe that these blood-red lunar lamps are more than just another light show. According to Pastor Hagee, in Part 1 of “The Coming Four Blood Moons” series and his new book the “Four Blood Moons,” wherein Pastor Hagee references NASA’s records, “the coming four blood moons points to a world-shaking event that will happen between Apr. 2014 and Oct. 2015.”

“What does it mean?” asks Pastor Hagee, and “[w]hat is the prophetic significance? Is this the end of the age?”

Pastor Hagee went on, stating the following concerning the red moons:

Please hear what I’m saying. God established the dates for all of the Jewish feasts. That’s in your Bible. I’m saying that because I know, as sure as God made the little green apples, someone will go out of here and say, “I heard John Hagee say the Lord is going to come on Passover Apr. 15.” That’s not what I said at all. Passover is established in the Bible. NASA is saying that there are going to be four blood moons, with an eclipsed sun, that will happen in a sequential order on Passover Apr. 15, 2014; Sukkot, which is Oct. 08, 2014; Nisan, which is April, actually the date is going to be 03/20/15. This is the day, by the way, that the children of Israel were turned loose, or were liberated from Egypt’s bondage. And then Passover, Apr. 4, 2015; Sukkot Sept. 28, 2015.

“Traditionally, in Judaism, a moon is a signal to Israel,” says Pastor Hagee, and “a sun is a signal to the world. In this presentation by Joel chapter 2, this is a message to the world and to Israel.”

Is it sensationalism? Is it prophecy?

Soon enough, we will all know who is right concerning this luminous lunar event.

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