Report: Butt-Slap Craze Strikes Fear in Nation's School Kids

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | December 10, 2013 | 4:16 PM EST

It's not exactly the "Knockout Game," but, a horrific trend of attacks is, reportedly, terrorizing the nation's school kids: butt slapping.

On December 5, Jennifer Titus of 10 News, a local new outlet in Tampa Bay, got to the bottom of this shocking development:

"I never heard of it until it happened to my daughter. I was very shocked, says Tonya Thompson. Her daughter is an 8th grader at Pine View Middle School...she let me know boys were threatening to slap her butt. Thompson didn't hesitate reporting it to school officials."

One trend has, apparently, emerged: the butt-slaps often occur on Fridays.

As Fox 13 in Tampa reports:

"The lines literally were loaded. I could not take every call that we got from girls all over the Bay area," [radio personality Jayde] Donovan said. "Middle school, high school saying Slap Ass Friday or Ass Slap Friday is happening at our school."

"A YouTube search revealed thousands of results for kids slapping kids around the country. The incidents sometimes appeared to happen at schools and sometimes caught on camera."

Ironically, the Fox 13 video shows girls slapping other girls, not boys sexually harassing girls.

FOX 13 News

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