Obamacare's Latino Website Still Struggling to 'Habla Español'

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | February 19, 2014 | 12:31 PM EST

Last January, it was reported that Obamacare hit another obstacle with the Spanish-speaking demographic of America. Today, we're still finding errors.

The Hispanic Obamacare site,, was loaded with grammatical errors, dead links, or pages in English, which makes navigation incredibly difficult.  Oh, and it was launched two months late.

Via CNN:

On, the Spanish language version of, sometimes links led to dead ends or pages in English. In other instances, some words and phrases are literal translations from English to Spanish, which health advocates in the Hispanic community say makes the site difficult to understand.


The Spanish language site did not launch until December 6 -- a full two months late and after its English language counterpart debuted. This means Spanish speakers have a much shorter window to browse online to make health care choices before the March 31 deadline for enrollment.

Unlike their English speaking counterparts, Spanish speakers still cannot shop for insurance plans on the website.

Now, Hot Air's Ed Morrissey has reported that the translations are still incorrect.  Ken Oliver of MRC 's News Analysis Division took a quick look at the site and found the following errors popping out, among others:

"Consulete con su estado si desea más información sobre los servicios cubiertos."  "Consulete" should be "consulte."

"Residentes de Virginia y basado en una familia de quatro integrantes y con un ingreso de $65,000."  "Quatro" should be "cuatro."

Nearly three months after its debut, Oliver told the persistence of  errors and deficient use of language on the website is nothing short of appalling.

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