New Poll: 77 Percent Believe Individual Mandate Should Be Delayed or Repealed

By Matt Vespa | August 28, 2013 | 3:34pm EDT

Obamacare took another punch to the gut today with 77 percent of American voters believing that the individual mandate should be repealed or delayed. The legislation, which has been described as a “train wreck” by Sen. Max Baucus (D-Montana), has hit various setbacks over the past few months. From delaying the employer mandate to missing half of its statutory deadlines, the new health care law is emerging as a national joke.

According to this new poll by the Morning Consult, not only do 77 percent of voters think the mandate should be repealed – or delayed – but also 65 percent of Democrats agree.  

Additionally, 43 percent of Democrats, which is a significant number, oppose the individual mandate outright.

David Freddoso of Conservative Intelligence Briefing noted on Aug. 27 that:

‘“[T]hose under age 30 [young people] are the most likely to think Obamacare will make their lives a lot (16 percent) or a little (35 percent) better. But the young are most likely to pay more for insurance now and less likely to find a full-time job because of the burdens that Obamacare places on employers.”

Also, “fifty-seven percent of respondents believed that Obamacare will make their own health-related expenses greater and 32 percent think their costs will be about the same. Only eleven percent think [sic] their expenses will go down.”

Concerning the availability of health care and Obamacare’s propensity to make way for better care, “only 27 percent of respondents believe that Obamacare will make health care ‘more available.’ Once again, the healthiest respondents were the most likely to believe this (33 percent).

“Only 21 percent believe Obamacare will improve the quality of care they receive. Once again, the healthiest respondents were by far the most likely to believe this (27 percent).”

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