George Will: 'Global Warming Is Socialism by the Back Door'

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa | May 1, 2014 | 2:54 PM EDT

Conservative columnist George Will sat down with the Daily Caller's Jaime Weinstein to discuss the politics of climate change. In 2013, 19,000 Manhattans-worth of sea ice were created. The Arctic ice cap, which was supposed to be completely gone by last year, grew by over 533,000 square miles. Yet, the global warming community insists their words are final in the debate, which is anti-scientific in the extreme. Will also noted the socio-economic agenda that rests within this movement.

"Global warming is socialism by the back door," says Will. "The whole point of global warming is it - it's a rationalization for progressives to do what progressives want to do, which is concentrate more and more power in Washington; more and more Washington power in the Executive branch; more and more Executive branch power in independent czars and agencies to micromanage the lives of the American people- our shower heads, our toilets, our bathtubs, our garden hoses...everything becomes involved in the exigencies of rescuing the planet."

Will also noted how global warming alarmists have turned an environmental issue into something of a religion.  Pro-climate change activists have propositions that cannot be refuted.  That's an egregious hypocrisy within the pro-global warming community, claiming to be the defenders of science, but then taking an inherently anti-science position by being unwilling to review to other evidence.  The debate is never over - and openness to other evidence is a cornerstone of scientific method.

Now, Will has been around for a longtime. He doesn't hide this fact.  On ABC News' This Week a few years ago, he famously showed people that he was elderly by whipping out his Medicare card to make the point that his medical bills will be paid by his children if the system isn't fixed.

At the same time, his years of experience in the field of journalism allow him to remind us that the same folks who claim the Earth is heating up like a hard-boiled egg also predicted in the 1970s that the world was cooling:

"I was a columnist in the 1970s when Newsweek, Time, all sorts of media outlets said the real problem is global cooling. I remember the Washington Post reporting that the armadillos were going south to escape the coming chill, the threat of glaciation over northern Europe. We've been through this before. You say, "What happened to global cooling?" They say, "Well, our models were wrong." Now we're supposed to risk several trillion dollars of global growth and spending on new models that might be wrong?

"One other thing, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change produced a report. The New Yorker, which is impeccably alarmed about global warming, the writer being their specialist began her story something like this: "In a report that should be but unfortunately will not be viewed as the final word in climate science." Now, just think about that. The final word in microbiology, the final word in quantum mechanics. There are no final words in science. But there you have the deeply anti-scientific temper of the global warming advocacy groups: Final words."

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