DNC Chair Won’t Let Kids Dress Up Dog for Halloween Because Dems Haven’t Raised Enough Money?

By Dan Joseph | October 22, 2014 | 10:31am EDT

Americans love dogs and politicians know this.  So politicians using pets as a device to win the hearts of voters is nothing new. 

But DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz may have taken it to a new level.

An email sent by from Schultz to supporters features a large picture of her dog “Demmy.” 

That  dog looks pretty bummed out, huh?

Debbie Distributes Photo of Her Sad Dog 'Demmy'

The email informs party members that Schultz’s children want to dress Demmy up for Halloween. Sadly, Debbie’s poor kids will not be able to do so.  Why?  Well according to Debbie:


"Lately my kids have been asking if they can dress our dogs up for Halloween. I can't blame them, either. I mean, wouldn't Demmy look good as a superhero? Unfortunately, (or fortunately for Demmy, who doesn't want to wear a costume) Democrats don't have much time for an extended Halloween celebration this year."

This sad revelation is followed by a request for a donation of $3 or more, implying that giving money to the Democratic Party is the only way that poor Demmy is going to get a costume this year.

So, not only is this competitive election cycle ruining Halloween for Debbie’s poor kids, who are apparently so busy knocking on doors for mom that they don’t have time to spin on over to Petco to get a $12 dog costume.

But her children’s Halloween happiness is dependent on Democrats giving money to Democratic candidates in close elections.

Even loyal Democrats must find the correlation that Shultz is making here a bit tenuous.  But, anything goes in the weeks leading up to a big election.

What do you think?

Editor's Add-On: So, it's Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Demmy Wasserman-Schultz? Really?

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