College Students Define 'Progressive': 'Like Gambling,' Miley Cyrus

By Dan Joseph | November 12, 2013 | 11:31am EST

MRCTV visited a college campus to see how students there define the words "conservative" and "progressive."

One student said being progressive is "like gambling":

"A progressive is someone who sacrifices the order we just talked about with idea we can make things better. It's almost like gambling: where you put money in, and you say, "I can get more out of it."

Another said that singer Miley Cyrus is "most definitely" defines being progressive:

"They're more willing to accept more progressive ideas, such as, I guess like, maybe, dressing differently, having different styles, the pop, the Miley Cyrus of today."

"So, you'd say Miley Cyrus is progressive?"

"Oh, most definitely."


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