Stop and Watch This Amazing Music Video – It 'Won’t Let You Down’

Barbara Boland | October 29, 2014 | 9:48am EDT
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You have to watch this amazing music video by the band OK Go, if only to see the amazing coordination and the precise choreography it took to make it.

OK Go is known for its creative and coordinated "single takes" where the whole thing is shot in one continuous take, but few would think it possible for them to top their famous treadmill scene in the video for "Here it Goes Again."

Yet, the band manages to do just that in "I Won't Let You Down."

This video starts in an abandoned warehouse in Chiba, about 45 minutes outside Tokyo, Japan. They received shooting assistance from an aerial drone, motorized scooter chairs provided by Honda, and dozens of Japanese dancers who would "run like they were in military school, and nail it every time," says frontman Damian Kulash. "It was a real treat to behold."

From Billboard:

For what may be OK Go's best video yet, frontman Damian Kulash, 39, enlisted film director Morihiro Harano. He linked the band with Honda's ad agency and eccentric Japanese choreographer Airman, who distinguishes himself with an "enormous hat that makes him look like he's in Mars Attacks," says Kulash.

Honda also paid for the film.

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