Don't Fund WHO's Abortion, Prostitution, and Radical Sex Ed Agenda

Sharon Slater | May 11, 2020 | 5:01pm EDT
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Featured is the World Health Organization logo. (Photo credit: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)
Featured is the World Health Organization logo. (Photo credit: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

As the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to take incoming fire for the mishandling of the global coronavirus pandemic, we raise a voice of warning that this is not the only dangerous misstep WHO has made, and certainly not the only time lives have been lost as a consequence.

In a WHO document titled “Sexual Health, Human Rights and the Law,” WHO positions itself as one of the world’s foremost proponents of abortion, prostitution, failed comprehensive sexuality education programs, cross-sex hormone treatment, and surgeries for gender-confused individuals.

WHO has recently even joined with other radical organizations in referring to prostitution as merely “sex work,” and is listed as an official sponsor of “DecriminalizeSex.Work.”

No one can accurately quantify the lives lost to prostitution, human trafficking, orphaned children, and related pathologies caused by WHO’s support of what it now refers to as more benign “sex work.” Nor will we ever be able to quantify the long-term harm to gender-confused individuals as a result of WHO’s endorsement of toxic cross-sex hormones and genital-mutilating surgeries for them.

The future suffering of individuals who follow such recommendations from WHO is incalculable, and if applied to children, could render them infertile for life.

How does WHO rationalize such anti-health positions as the premiere health organization setting health standards for the world? With regard to prostitution, WHO rationalizes that decriminalization will lead to a reduction in HIV/AIDS rates.

But there is no legitimate data to support this, and even if there were, such rationalization fails to take into account the larger human costs inherent in demeaning and degrading “sex work.” We know that the legalization of prostitution in Europe has created a large and illegal secondary market in minors and foreigners who are trafficked and controlled by organized crime. The reality is that where prostitution is legal, women still face higher rates of abuse, violence, and trafficking.

Then there is WHO’s longstanding, aggressive support of abortion, outrageously, and even now as part of the coronavirus health response. Does WHO really think people can’t see through its ruse of relabeling abortion as “safe abortion” in hopes that we’ll all forget that an abortion always takes the life of a child?

Apparently, WHO is not satisfied with the more than 50 million lives lost each year to abortion. WHO is now actually recommending, for example, that women in rural areas of developing countries be allowed to self-manage their own abortions through “medical abortion” (aka the “abortion pill”), when WHO’s own manuals admit that adequate clinical facilities in many places in developing countries are simply not available. How is the pregnant mother in a rural African village going to “self-manage” complications from medical abortion such as hemorrhage, infection, or an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy? What kind of “health” policy is that?

In the same way WHO’s health policies appear to be manipulated by China, WHO’s health policies regarding women appear to be dictated by its largest abortion-providing or -promoting partners including IPAS, Marie Stopes, and Planned Parenthood.

Which brings us to another ugly and unhealthy WHO agenda—the intentional sexualization of children in partnership with Planned Parenthood through comprehensive sex education (CSE).

Take WHO’s “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe.” In addition to teaching toddlers they can masturbate for pleasure and express their sexuality by “playing doctor,” WHO also recommends teaching 9-year-olds about "pleasure, masturbation, [and] orgasm” and indoctrinates them in alleged “sexual rights," as defined by the International Planned Parenthood Federation.” 

Even more damning is a recent global meta-analysis conducted by the Institute for Research and Evaluation (IRE) that reviewed over 100 peer-reviewed studies of CSE programs.  It showed that for all the millions of dollars spent, these sex ed researchers found “more evidence of failure than success” in reducing sexual risk behaviors like teen pregnancy or STDs. For example, the IRE report found that one in five CSE programs showed an increase in teen sexual risk behaviors.

It is clear that the World Health Organization has been compromised and is promoting sexual rights at the expense of sexual health.

It is time for the American people to take a stand against the World Health Organization, which is clearly more interested in pushing radical agendas than fulfilling its mission to improve public health. We need to stand against the demise of our children’s innocence and the death of unborn babies.

Before any additional U.S. funding is provided to WHO, the organization must be cleaned up and revamped with new leadership and policies that advance optimal standards of health—like the protection of life itself! More importantly, WHO must have appropriate and regular oversight by donor countries to ensure its rightful mission is fulfilled. Short of that, our U.S. public heath dollars are better spent elsewhere.

Sharon Slater is the president of Family Watch International, an organization in consultative status with the United Nations which seeks to the protect the family as the fundamental unit of society.  She is also the author of the book “Stand for the Family,” has directed multiple documentaries and is a world renowned writer and speaker on UN family and life policies.  She is the mother of seven children – three of whom she and her husband Greg adopted from Mozambique after their parents died of AIDS.  

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