Sick and Tired of Being Smeared

By Jen Kuznicki | March 16, 2014 | 9:59am EDT

The left in America constantly points out that Americans are fat and lazy, the young are demanding and selfish, and the women care only about their birth control and abortion. They complain that the white man is racist, the industrialist should be crucified, the rich are out to get us all, and inequality is the central concern of the American people.

They divide us into groups and then point out our differences.  They incite jealousy and produce anger.  It's like a constant dental pick at an abscessed and inflamed tooth, poking and scraping until we are all in so much pain we lash out.

They always point out the difference, not the similarity; the negative, not the positive; all the bad and none of the good, and we're sick and tired of it.

Americans come in all shapes and sizes, but to be an American is to be a doer.  We give to the poor, to the Veterans, to our churches and the sick.  We attend spaghetti dinner fundraisers for a community member who has cancer.  We shove money into the pockets of people too proud to ask or take it.  We prepare meals for those who need it.  We don't need the cookies or baked goods from a bake sale, but we buy them because it's for charity.  We are good people and we don't deserve to be smeared.

The youth of America aren't vastly different from the youth of America 50 years ago.  They pay attention to clothing fads, the latest music and whatever is hip, cool, rad, awesome, bitchin' or sick.  But they also give their time and effort to help the poor and sick.  They respect the elderly and obey (for the most part) their parents. They look for work and try to be good. Why do they have to get a bad rap because of those who don't respect anyone?

Instead of promoting the good, the left highlights the bad and accepts it as a growing trend.  But trends aren't always inevitable, unless you silence those who wish to turn the tide.

Another slur being leveled today is that women's interest in politics begins and ends with wanting government to regulate their reproductive system, and provide for them, free of charge any and all methods of stopping the birth of a child.  Women everywhere in this great nation are happily pregnant with great hopes of having a healthy child to love and nurture; to build a home with a husband and create a loving family.  They also are usually in charge of the checkbook, and can see the rapid inflation of food prices and energy prices.  They are intelligent and loving, not base, and are sick and tired of being maligned.

And can we stop castigating the whites of the 21st century for the abuse of black slaves in the 19th century?  Enough.

During the six years of WWII, something like three million tons of bombs were built, transported and dropped on earth, causing all of industry to ramp up for the war effort.  Industry that was largely unregulated, releasing black smoke and toxic gas.  Industry that had already been revolutionized by people like Henry Ford and Thomas Edison who were left to their own devices to revolutionize.  And now we are supposed to stand still?  The American engineer has come up with a multitude of ways to curb the toxicity of the smoke stack, and yet, we are to remain paralyzed?  American ingenuity is about dreams and ideas and respect and soaring to new heights, not being afraid of every breath you take and every bit of food you eat.

It is when you focus only on the bad that you are prevented from achieving success.  It is the same for the child you teach and the business you manage or patronize.  The spirit of America can only soar when we believe we can achieve.

The constant focus of the left is to identify and then exploit our weakness; dragging us down and keeping us there; taking money from the achievers to give us an existence, but stopping us from realizing our dreams.

They are standing in our way, and as Americans, we shouldn't take it anymore.

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