Satan Laughs and Spreads His Wings

Jen Kuznicki
By Jen Kuznicki | July 2, 2014 | 2:06 PM EDT

"How foolish and fickle they have become.  Their only thoughts are wants as they've been given their needs.  Their bodies tuned to immediate gratification and their minds are wasted.

"Right and wrong are no longer discernible since discernment is rare.  They have left their religion behind as they have learned to put themselves above God.

"They have accepted as a moral virtue that action which kills their own offspring and proclaim it to be what keeps them free.  They have left the battlefield of the war on evil saying it will bring them peace.  They see bodies piled like cordwood, and turn away, self-righteous in their innocence.

"They have begun to scowl at each other, though they praise what is happening.  They have created games of murder, and brought them to life.

"They have despised His name and wickedly cheated the ancients.  They have chosen to leave Him behind as a relic of the ignorant past, putting their own designs on the souls of the masses.

"They have excelled at twisting the true meaning of words and philosophy, raping the work of the righteous and good to serve at the altar of the damned.  They have rejected the idea that man is good, and accepted that his thoughts and actions hold to no higher power than his own shallow pleasure.

"They have laughed in the face of the seven deadly sins, thinking their rebelliousness will change the rule.  Lust has been accounted for, accepted as unavoidable.  Gluttony is only disparaged if you set out to create wealth.  Greed is utilized to gain power, but projected onto the powerless.  Sloth is praised as freedom.  Wrath is bursting at the injustice of it all, making sinners of the righteous.  Envy is the agitprop of the destroyers of production, and pride has been made a moral good.

"The Ten Commandments they have changed to ten suggestions, unaware of the darkening of their invisible souls.  They have made themselves as God.  They have rejected their father and mother for a future of their own making.  They are numb to death.  Adultery is a norm, and theft, a means to amass wealth.  And bearing false witness has been made to be virtuous as a means to an end.

"They have rejected Him completely and have chosen to follow me."

Then Satan laughed, and spread his wings.

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