Open Borders or Open Society?

Jen Kuznicki | July 22, 2014 | 2:20pm EDT
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Anyone concerned about the survival of the greatest nation on earth knows that our national sovereignty depends in part on knowing who is coming in to the country, having defined borders and laws pertaining to immigration enforced.

Anyone interested in open borders and challenging immigration law that sets definitions and restrictions therefore, either doesn't understand the consequences, or knows damn well that the nation will not survive-and that ideologically-driven person is our nation's enemy.

In a report out of Michigan, a protest was organized over the prospect now seemingly beyond the people's control, that the federal government under the leadership of Barack Obama will be sending dozens of the tens of thousands of children who have come into the nation through our southern border, to the small town of Vassar.  Filled with anger and resentment against the open border policies of this president, the people demonstrating described the move as anarchy.

But, within the report, it was revealed that the move was being organized by a foundation called the Heartland Alliance:

"Grosse Pointe Park-based Wolverine Human Services is negotiating a contract with anti-poverty organization Heartland Alliance in Chicago to provide temporary housing to 12- to 17-year-old males from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala."

The Heartland Alliance is a group funded in part, along with numerous groups across the country that deal in immigration and refugee crises, by George Soros by way of his Open Society Foundation.

But, isn't an open society what we want?

Yes, however the Open Society Foundation promotes the opposite of an open society by advocating open borders.

When a massive influx of peoples who do not know America's founding and are not made to assimilate to the American way of life, the opposite of an open society takes shape.  It is the closing off of certain groups of peoples, those who speak their own language and continue the customs and practices of their home country within ours that breaks down the civil society and forms large groups of politically malleable people who will respond only to those who allow them to remain in a tribal mentality.

The twisting of Karl Popper's version of the open society is Soros' life work.  Popper wrote two volumes on the Open Society, which was understood to be the way for countries where communism fell, to be able to rise from the ashes.  It is compatible with the founding of America and it rejects Plato's version of societal organization with the heavy-hand of government and his philosopher kings.  Where Popper wished to open a society to knowledge and tolerance, Soros wishes to create a tribalist society prevalent in communistic strongholds.  Yet, Soros uses Popper's phrase and describes himself as a follower.  Soros is the enemy that Popper described in his book, The Open Society and Its Enemies Vol I.

The non-governmental organizations throughout the United States funded by open borders advocates are acting as the go-between of our government and illegal immigrants, with the philosophical bend of Marx.  There is no introduction to these illegals of the meaning of American values as described by our founding.  They are given legal representation to ultimately be able to move freely within our borders, through false claims of refugee status, and are led into the shadows that the left screeches they wish to be extricated from.

A true open society is what our founding literally organized.  A nation where all men are created equal with certain rights that the government cannot take away.  But you have to be part of the nation that honors the rule of law.  It is not possible to attain an open society with open borders, where law is ignored by the executive branch, because equality cannot be reached.

If it is our government's plan to create equality, tell me, will the third world peoples have the equality of middle class working citizens, or will redistribution create the opposite?  Will the middle class become equal to the third world?

Our nation's founding must be defended vigorously, and that is what is represented by the thousands of ordinary people who demonstrate against the placement of these minor illegals into our States.

Barack Obama's radicalism is making it possible for America to lose its sovereignty through open borders, because a nation that knows freedom can be undermined by introducing masses that don't.

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