Media Matters' Ringing Endorsement of Levin's 'Liberty Amendments'

By Jen Kuznicki | August 22, 2013 | 4:38pm EDT

In a frantic, unhinged screed, Media Matters has fully endorsed Mark Levin's book, The Liberty Amendments.

The title of the endorsement is Mark Levin's Electoral Kryptonite.   Here are just some of the quotes from the blog post:

"Levin isn't just another radio host, as Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus recently said he was receptive to the idea of Levin and Sean Hannity moderating a 2016 Republican presidential primary debate."

That's true, and as an aside, the communications director for the RNC, Sean Spicer, has offered Levin the spot, and three times now, Levin has accepted the position, said he will do it for free, and there has been no response.  BAD FORM!  Perhaps the current form of the RNC is not a serious organization.

Back to the endorsement by Media Matters of The Liberty Amendments:

"Among the most toxic of his ideas would be the redefinition of the Commerce Clause to wipe out nearly all the hard fought protections of the 20th century."

Doesn't sound like much of an endorsement?  Oh, but it is!  It is brilliant!  As most intelligent Americans know, it is in the beginning of the 20th century when our liberties started unraveling due to the Statist march of the masterminds like Woodrow Wilson, with his direct assault on and contempt for the Constitution.   Americans can read all about it in the trilogy of books by Levin - Liberty and Tyranny, Ameritopia, and The Liberty Amendments.  The fact that Media Matters calls the breaking down of the Constitution, "hard fought" means Levin's book is out of the park.

"The conservative radio host proposes that the government, including state and local authorities, should be constitutionally mandated to reimburse entities if a new regulation 'results in a market value reduction of the property, interference with the use of the property, or a financial loss to the property owner exceeding $10,000.'

If the FDA wanted to block a deadly drug from entering the market, they would be on the hook for the 'economic losses' suffered by the company being unable to bring its poison to the market. In Levin's world one would presume after enough bodies piled up the free market would remove the fatal medication from store shelves."

Oh sweet mother of hyperbole!  Frantic non-sequitor!  One thing is clear, Media Matters might actually have to acknowledge such a thing as private property.  GASP!

Any time that putrid organizations like Media Matters, which was originally organized to defend the abuse of women by Bill Clinton, becomes frantic and outlandishly over-the-top, you know you are headed down the right path.

"Has the conservative media become so deluded they believe this is the key to electoral success? If so they might as well write John Galt on their ballots, because he is as likely to win a national election as any candidate carrying Levin's mantle."

Success? Yes.  Galt? We'll see.  You could not ask for a better endorsement.  Kryptonite, indeed.

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