Have the President and Congress Forgotten?

By Jen Kuznicki | September 11, 2015 | 4:39pm EDT
Devastation: An explosion rips through the South Tower of the World Trade Centre after the hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into it. The North Tower is shown burning after American Airlines Flight 11 crashed a little over 15 minutes earlier. (AP Photo)

On this, the fourteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and the day after Congress made clear Iran’s path to nuclear weapons, a song keeps playing over and over in my head, “Have you forgotten?” by Darryl Worley.

The song was written five years after the terrorist attacks, countering the anti-war sentiment that was very strong during the Iraq War.  And though the approach to responding to the attacks on 9/11 will forever be debated, that song brought people back to who started all the fighting, Islamic jihadists who believed then as they do now, that the American infidels deserve to be killed because they are American and they are infidels.

The war started on 9/11 hasn’t ended. It has just taken different shapes.  Right now, the mass migration across the globe is being caused by jihad. Sub-human ISIS ghouls dominate as they have installed a caliphate. There is mass extermination of Christians in the Middle East, and our Congress has just ensured that the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism has an unfettered path to using nuclear weaponry to finish the job.

I don’t think most Americans have forgotten what the terrorists were capable of doing with airliners, but there is a disease in Washington D.C. that causes up to be down, right to be left, and lies to be called truth, bringing to mind the famous slogans of Orwell’s 1984, “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

The same dangers that prompted Orwell to describe the cold reeducation of those who recall the truth in the face of communism are present today, confusing people into believing that a nuclear Iran will bring peace.  But there are still those who don’t need to be reeducated to accept outright lies as truth, because they never tried to pursue the truth in the first place.  Could it be that many in Congress would fund another attack just to score partisan political points? 

We haven’t forgotten what happened on September 11, 2001. Has the President and Congress?

Jen Kuznicki is a wife and mother, seamstress by trade, and American patriot who says, "Now is the time to act."

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