Lifting the Curtain on the Abortion Industry – A Practitioner's Perspective

By Grazie Christie | August 7, 2015 | 11:44am EDT


Human baby. (AP Photo)

Another video bombshell has been lobbed at the Planned Parenthood juggernaut by the Center for Medical Progress.  It’s a story of David vs. Goliath, plainly, but this latest attack has certainly caused significant damage that will be hard for the wealthy foundation to shrug off.

Melissa Farrell, director of medical research of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has done permanent injury to something that the entire abortion industry relies on: the idea that what is being removed in an abortion is a “clump of cells.”

For years now, the magical science of ultrasound has been working hard at putting that concept on the ash heap of history.  We physicians have always known that a fetus is a fascinatingly intriguing little human, and it took ultrasound to open up that knowledge to the general public.  There is no need for a months-long intense course on fetal development.  A glimpse of the black and white moving images of little hands waving and toes wiggling instill a conviction of personhood immediately.

The doctors and technicians who are featured in the videos, working in their macabre “research” labs know this too, of course.  The exclamation of Dr. Ginde, a Colorado abortionist, as she stands over a petri dish of fetal parts: “Another boy!” is going to stick in my mind for a long time.  It’s particularly awful coming from a fellow physician.  We like to think that our vocation is especially safe from ethical indecencies, but obviously that’s not true.  The deadness of the women’s consciences can almost be felt, as they talk about pricing their grisly work by body part harvested, and how convenient it is when a woman delivers an intact baby during the abortion process.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, talks a good game.  To hear her tell it, abortion is the last thing anyone at her clinics wants to offer a scared and desperate young woman.  Her providers are sensitive, caring, even lovingly concerned.  They do what they do because they are engaged in a heroic battle to serve womankind with Pap smears, birth control, and STD tests, that even after Obamacare and all its mandates, women are still having trouble “accessing.”   Oh, and almost as an afterthought, “safe and legal abortion.”

I guess we know now that the sensitivity and humanity quotient in those clinics is a lot lower than Ms. Richards claims.  We also know that no one who works at Planned Parenthood, from Cecile Richards on down to the lowliest receptionist, believes that abortion has to do with the removal of “tissue” or “cells.”  They can’t believe it, because they are looking at the ultrasounds, carrying the petri dishes, calling for pickup of intact body parts, and otherwise going about their morbid business.

Polls show that before these videos surfaced, about two-thirds of Americans would ban abortion after the first trimester. It will be interesting to see how those polls change.  Lifting the curtain on the big business of abortion and watching the artless coarseness of its practitioners will have its effect on the public.  I’m sure the public will show that their moral sensitivity is significantly healthier than Richards’ and her supporters’.

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie is a Senior Policy Advisor for The Catholic Association.  She writes and speaks widely, in both Spanish and English, about Catholicism, religious freedom, and the intersection of faith and science.  As a Hispanic, she brings a special focus on social issues that impact the growing Latino population, such as the state of the family and the real needs of the poor and marginalized.  As a physician, she is able to address complex subjects relating to government health policy and its true impact on the people it purports to help.

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