The Left Is Committing Child Abuse!

Gary Bauer | March 15, 2023 | 5:03pm EDT
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More than 30 years ago, Dr. James Dobson and I co-authored “Children At Risk.” We warned then that the left’s increasing assault on the family and normal values was putting generations of children in jeopardy. Thirty years later, it’s obvious that the left’s embrace of insanity is dangerous and harmful to children.

Vice President Kamala Harris addressed a climate conference in Florida recently. During her remarks, she spoke about the “climate mental health” struggles that many children and younger adults are facing today. 

Harris claimed that some young adults are worried about starting a family. Why?  Because people like Greta Thunberg and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insist that the world will be destroyed in 12 years.  AOC made her prediction five years ago, so we’ve only got seven years left.

This is insane!

Climate change isn’t causing mental health issues. The left’s apocalyptic rhetoric is causing mental health issues! That’s what the left is doing to our children. They’re scaring our kids to death. 

When leftists are not explaining sodomy to kindergartners, they’re telling little kids that global warming is killing Santa’s reindeer.  

There is now an identifiable psychosis among children known as “climate anxiety,” thank you Al Gore!  It’s so bad that some universities are hiring special counselors and holding “climate stress therapy sessions” to help these “adults” cope with their fear of the future.

Some liberals have tried to push back against this insanity, but their efforts are futile against the “Big Green” collective.

But that’s not the only way left-wing lunacy has harmed our children. COVID hysteria did tremendous psychological damage to our children.

Leftists have been telling our children that there is no God. They’re simply animals with nothing divine or unique about their existence. That’s causing mental illness because there’s a natural instinct in all of us to seek God. 

Leftists are telling our children that the country of their birth is evil, and that they are inherently racist. The left is causing “racial hatred.

Leftists are telling our children that they are defective, that they were supposed to be a different gender other than the one that their bigoted parents “assigned” to them when they were born. The left is causing “ gender identity hysteria” among our children.  

While many nations and even sympathetic transgender activists are rejecting this insanity being pushed on children, the American left is all in. President Joe Biden recently said it was “sinful” and “terrible” to protect confused children from life-changing mutilating surgeries.

As for “sinful” and “terrible,” we should be listening not to Joe Biden but to Jamie Reed. She recently exposed what’s going on at America’s “gender clinics.” Reed used to work at one, and now warns, “What’s happening to children is morally and medically appalling.”

But some Democrat politicians actually want to put parents in jail if they do not affirm their child’s delusions.

For decades, the left has been attacking and deconstructing the family. Women were told that they didn’t need men, that children didn’t need fathers. Now, we’ve got millions of children being raised in fatherless homes, and they have suffered as a direct result.  

The division in America today is far beyond “normal politics.” It’s not a normal debate among people who are all basically on the same page. We’re not. This is a fundamental difference about the nature of the world and the nature of what a human being is.  

As Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders put it, “It’s not right versus left. It’s normal versus crazy.” And only one side will prevail in the culture war that the left has been waging against America and against normalcy for decades. 

Pastors and men and women of faith who claim they are not interested in government and politics cannot sit on the sidelines any longer. Government is very interested in you, and the neo-Marxist left is coming for our children.

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