The Left's Most Beloved Boogeyman: The NRA

By Dan Joseph | October 2, 2015 | 2:42pm EDT
(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

The NRA is probably the far-left's most beloved boogeyman.  Any time there is a tragedy involving a firearm, liberals from the top down are quick to blame the NRA and even insinuate that the organization is gleeful that people have died.  

Unsurprisingly, the left seems completely flummoxed as to why the NRA and other Second Amendment supporters oppose some gun laws that have been floated by liberals in the past few years, despite these laws having the support of a majority of Americans.  

Forget for a second that the laws would do nothing to curb gun violence. Making sure that no mentally ill individuals buy guns would require an unconstitutional burden on potential gun purchasers and would be impossible to enforce. How do we determine the mental state of someone who has no psychiatric record? Will all potential gun buyers be forced to have their head's shrunk prior to purchasing a handgun? Who decides who is too crazy to buy a weapon? The Federal Government? Uh huh. That's not a recipe for a constitutional crisis at all, is it? 

The real reason for the NRA's staunch opposition to these feel-good policies is not based on their purely symbolic nature or the burden these silly policies would impose on law-abiding Americans. They are based on the past activities of the left itself.  

In the 1980 and early ‘90s, liberals wanted to ban ALL handguns. After not getting what they wanted, they moved on to an assault weapons ban, which proved a futile effort and expired more than a decade ago—much to the consternation of the anti-gun crowd.

Because these agenda items did not work out the way the anti-gun left had hoped, the lobby had no choice but to continue to lower its expectations. 

Nowadays, president Obama spends an inordinate amount of political capital in an effort to promote symbolic, gun control measures that have no impact and have no chance of passing. 

The NRA rightly understands, from past experience, that if you give the gun grabbers an inch, they'll take a mile. Cave on new background check laws and they will simply politicize the next tragedy to demand more gun control in an effort to get back to a place where they can once again promote truly Draconian policies. Because, of course, the anti-second amendment crowd understands that there will ALWAYS be a “next tragedy.” Hence the left's bumbling, long game strategy.   

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Dan Joseph is a video reporter and political analyst for MRCTV.

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