Alt-Left Insanity: Heal From Your ‘Toxic Whiteness’!

Dan Gainor | March 31, 2017 | 10:18am EDT
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Note: Normal people might find some of this offensive. (We hope. Dear Lord, please!)

A mind is a terrible thing. No, that’s hardly the United Negro College Fund slogan. (“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”) It is symptomatic of the more extreme areas of the alt-left. They and their demented influence are spreading rapidly and it’s hardly good news. They are like dumping crack houses in a ritzy neighborhood. Imagine D.C.’s Georgetown or LA’s 90210 and then drop in drug houses and demented lunatics. There goes the neighborhood.

That’s the growing alt-left, media landscape.

We’re not talking about the fancy outlets like ProPublica, with its Soros cash, media connections and Pulitzers. Or long-standing, lefty journalism outlets like Mother Jones. The alt-left is breeding an army of addlepated youth, each one reliant on these new “news” outlets for essential information. Except it’s not information, it’s indoctrination.

Imagine your day without knowing where to vandalize, what the latest gender-bending or LGBT craze is or even where to get F--- Trump lipstick. (According to left loons at Bustle, that’s Lipslut.)

There has been a boomlet in unhinged, irrational and ridiculous left-wing websites – all aimed at getting clicks from young people. So rather than focus on the run-of-the-mill alt-left, I’m digging deeper. As the weeks go on, I’ll be telling you more stories about these outlets and more. So watch this space. Meanwhile, watch the spaced-out:

Bustle Is So Feminist, Its CEO Is A Dude: According to The Wall Street Journal, the site Bustle “has raised $12 million to help hire a raft of political writers” because … Trump. Actual quote: “BUSTLE IS FOR & BY WOMEN WHO ARE MOVING FORWARD AS FAST AS YOU ARE,” according to the site. Yes, they are shouting psychobabble marketing crap at their readers. It fits. Bustle is a brainless mix of fashion (“The Best Mascara In America.”), nerd chic (11 separate stories on the 20th anniversary of Buffy The Vampire Slayer in one day) and laughably, lefty political commentary (“An Open Letter To The Pro-Life Women Who Want To Defund Planned Parenthood”). Bustle is living proof that women can produce garbage just as bad as men can. (Esquire, represent!) Bustle is the same site that brought you the “bold statement” of F--- Trump lipstick and lies about Planned Parenthood being something other than a baby-killers’ paradise. Actual quote two: “We’re constantly fascinated by what our zodiac sign says about our lives, whether it's which signs are most compatible or how each sign handles conflict in relationships.” Yes, they treat astrology like it’s real. Thank Chief Executive Bryan Goldberg. The Journal added: “The latest investment lifted the company to a post-money valuation of just under $200 million, a person familiar with the matter said.” If Willie Sutton were alive today, he’d be launching lefty websites.


It’s Going Down Into Crazyland: One of the most-disturbing sites you can find is the antifa (the idiots who wear all black and call themselves “antifascists” before taking away someone else’s rights) gathering at Its Going Down or IGD. (Their logo says “Its.” I know that it’s illiterate.) IGD (no typos in an abbreviation) is a bizarre collection of stories about violent encounters with police and “fascists” and calls for “disruptions.” One story weaves a bizarre conspiracy between Denver police and the peaceful conservative group Turning Point USA – all because the cops arrested five antifas for trying to disrupt an event. That article is a road map to American Crazyland during “times of proletarian insurgency and fascist uprising.” I’ve said this before: The alt-left thinks it’s OK to punch Nazis, and they think everyone who opposes them is a Nazi. That means they will increase their violence at conservative gatherings like Huntington Beach, which didn’t go well for antifas. Naturally, the black bloc (they wear all black) celebrates one of their biggest events – the attempted disruption of Trump’s inauguration. About 230 were arrested and many are being charged with felony rioting. IGD had a long article with interviews of Disrupt J20, the group involved in the inauguration riot. Actual quote: “After the election, I decided very quickly that I would be showing up in D.C. on inauguration day to say ‘f--- this noise.’” Yeah, that’s their mindset. They are organizing “a week of solidarity with all those facing state repression, from Standing Rock to anti–fascists in California to those arrested in D.C.” Actual ending quote: “F--- Prisons, F--- Police, F--- Pipelines, F--- Borders, and the world they maintain!” OK, that sounds like the ramblings of someone who’s smoked too much weed, but note the last one about borders. The alt-left is 100 percent in line with the rest of the left on open borders. Color me shocked.

Buffy (Screenshot)

Heal From Your ‘Toxic Whiteness!’: Even among the crazy alt-left, Everyday Feminism has a bad name. A Slate article described EF as, “the website that encompasses everything insufferable about social justice culture.” That’s an understatement. It includes sections on “Privilege,” “Trans and GNC” (Gender Non-Conforming), and of course, “Fem 101.” Like most alt-left sites, it’s not just pro-LGBT. It’s strident to the point of hating straight people. In fact, you almost have to apologize for being white, male and straight just to go to their moronic website. EF is a big list site: “6 Ways to Love Yourself When You’re Undocumented in the US,” – remember “You are a magical human being.” Or “6 Affirmations for Trans Folks Who Don’t Feel ‘Trans Enough’” – “Your body doesn’t determine what your gender is.” But my favorite item at EF is “Healing from Toxic Whiteness – an online training program for white people commited [SIC] to racial justice.” For just $97 (or you might get a scholarship!) you can learn “that the US has deeply normalized white supremacy and is built on a foundation of systemic oppression.” Actual quote: “You may be finding yourself coming to terms with just how prevalent and harmful white supremacy is – and how your white privilege has kept you ignorant and in denial of this reality in the first place.” If you are a white guy reading this, you are doubly toxic! Actual quote two: “Similar to toxic masculinity, toxic whiteness is something that was created by white supremacy and done to white people.” So go try to learn your Compassionate Activism today!

Dan Gainor is The Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow and Vice President for Business and Culture for the Media Research Center.


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