Allen West on ‘Queering the Bible’ College Course: Who’s Gonna Stand Up, Denounce This Crap…Only Me?

By Allen West | January 11, 2018 | 3:26pm EST
Lt. Colonel Allen West (Screenshot)

Last year I shared with y’all a post about the strategic objective of the progressive socialist left when it comes to faith, religion and the omnipotence of God, the Creator. The left has an all-out assault to undermine and delegitimize the Judeo-Christian faith heritage and God the Creator in that faith heritage. God could not get genders right — after all, it’s not just two, male and female, Adam and Eve, there are, according to the liberal progressive left, some 63 genders.

And, if God can’t get that right, then how can He — oops, perhaps that will be deemed sexist — endow us with our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Yep, the left is redefining the preeminence of man and government, with the little “g” instead of God, with the big “G.” Now, or course our dear leftist readers will call me crazy … hmm, I don’t think so. Quite sure it’s the other way around, when you this evidence.

As reported over at,

“An elite liberal arts college is offering a class called ‘Queering the Bible’ for the 2018 fall semester, in which it promises to “destabilize long held assumptions” about what the Bible says about gender. 

“According to the course description published in the Swarthmore College Catalog, the course will survey ‘queer and trans* readings of biblical texts,’ while introducing students to ‘the complexity of constructions of sex, gender, and identity in one of the most influential literary works produced in ancient times.’

“The one-credit course, taught by Dr. Gwynn Kessler, who has a PhD in Rabbinics from Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, promises to employ ‘the methods of queer and trans* theoretical approaches’ to Bible reading, by which it will destabilize ‘long held assumptions about what the bible—and religion—says about gender and sexuality.’

“Dr. Kessler says that her work ‘is situated within, and suffused with, postmodern, feminist, and queer theoretical approaches.’

“On announcing the hiring of Dr. Kessler in 2009, Swarthmore said she would teach courses ‘on GLBTQ Jews and Judaism’ and ‘a seminar on biblical and rabbinic constructions of God’s gender.’ 

“Kessler’s marriage to Tamara Ruth Cohen in 2004 merited an announcement in the New York Times section on weddings and celebrations. 

“Along with ‘Queering the Bible,’ Swarthmore’s religion department also offers ‘Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology,’ a course that ‘examines feminist and queer writings about God, explores the tensions between feminist and queer theology, and seeks to stretch the limits of gendering-and sexing-the divine.’

Yeah, and who is crazy? And we wonder why our kids are graduating college with immense student debt and unable to find a job?


Recently I wrote about a day that would live in infamy. It was the day the Oregon appeals court rendered a decision against Melissa and Aaron Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa to pay a $135,000 fine for believing in traditional Christian marriage, one man and one woman. In that missive, I put forth a question of when would the left see the Bible itself as a “criminal” endeavor as it speaks out against the liberal progressive agenda?

And now we see a college course that seeks to remake gender in the Bible. Oh boy, I wonder how many of those pastors and ministers who line up and vote Democrat will speak out on this matter? Heck, we already had a litmus test when openly lesbian former Houston mayor, Annise Parker, demanded, by subpoena, that pastors surrender their sermons to her office. Hmm, these are the same liberal progressives who will NEVER demand an Islamic cleric, mullah, or imam in America be punished for outright inciting violence from the pulpit — or whatever they call it.

Why is it that the progressive socialist left is waging their little war against the Judeo-Christian faith heritage in America, in Western civilization…yet they willingly embrace the violence of Islamo-fascism and Islamic jihadism? It was former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch who stated at a Department of Justice interfaith event on combatting hate crimes, December 12, 2016: 

“That is why the Department of Justice – and the entire Obama Administration – regards hate crimes with the utmost seriousness, whether they target individuals because of their race, their religion, their gender or their sexual orientation.  And that is why we have worked tirelessly over the last several years to bring those who perpetrate these heinous deeds to justice. 

“A cornerstone of that work is investigating and prosecuting hate crimes against Muslim Americans, as well as those perceived to be Muslim.  Muslim Americans are our friends and family members, our doctors and nurses, our police officers and firefighters.  They own businesses and teach in classrooms.  Thousands of them have fought for the American flag.  Many have died defending it.  And yet, too often – especially in the last year, following a number of tragic terrorist incidents, and amidst an increase in divisive and fearful rhetoric – we have seen Muslim Americans targeted and demonized simply because of their faith.  And to impose a blanket stereotype on all members of any faith because of the actions of those who pervert that faith is to go backwards in our thinking and our discourse, and to repudiate the founding ideals of this country.  This is unacceptable in a nation whose Bill of Rights guarantees the freedom of religion in its very first clause … .”

Now, can you imagine the outrage if there was a class being instructed about “Queering the Koran”? Or how about a course on GLBTQ Muslims and Islam? Nah, as we know, it was the great Islamist sympathizer Barack Obama who declared at the United Nations that the future does not belong to those who defame the prophet Mohammed. That was in conjunction with the lies of Benghazi being all about an anti-Islam video … one of Obama’s many lies.

And it appears to me, after recent events, that freedom of religion does not apply to Christians, certainly the Judeo-Christian faith heritage. The Ten Commandments cannot be publicly displayed. You cannot have open public Christian prayer, yet taxpayer funds are used to provide prayer accommodations for Muslims … to include prayer rooms in schools.

Christians also own businesses, so why is it that we have Christians being hauled before the Supreme Court in defense of their religious beliefs? I guess the left determines when freedom of religion is acceptable – or not. On our college campuses, Christian groups are being called before campus organizations simply because they believe in traditional marriage. They’re being castigated as hate groups – we shared that story of the Catholic university … yes, a Catholic university. We all know about the liberal progressive definition of artistic freedom when it comes to Christianity, such as depictions of the cross – the symbol of Christian salvation – in urine. Yet our men and women in uniform guarding detainees in GITMO are forced to wear gloves when handling the Koran … and we know about the riots that occurred in Bagram, Afghanistan because it was rumored that pages of the Koran had been burned by U.S. troops.

I despise hypocrisy and double standards, and this is so blatant there is no defense. We have indeed entered the times as Paul wrote to Timothy, in 2 Timothy 4:3-5 (NIV):

“For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.”

“Queering the Bible”? “Queering God”?

Damn, who is gonna stand up and denounce this crap – only me? So far all I’m hearing from the religious community is crickets.

One thing is for certain, all you folks supposedly calling yourselves pastors, ministers, priests … men and women of God, ya better find your courage and step up your game. I ain’t sitting back and taking this mess from the secular humanist, progressive, socialist left. What say you?

Allen West is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. During his 22-year career, he served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom, receiving many honors including a Bronze Star. In 2010, West was elected as a member of the 112th Congress representing Florida’s 22nd District. He is a Fox News contributor and author of “Guardian of the Republic." Mr. West also writes daily commentary on

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