Planned Parenthood Action Fund Tweets Male Supporters: ‘Check Your Privilege’

By Zachary Leshin | December 28, 2015 | 4:05pm EST

Planned Parenthood Action Fund posted a comic strip on Twitter Wednesday directed at the pro-abortion group’s “male allies” with  the message: “Check your privilege.”

“Some male allies are still unlearning sexism. This graphic helps you check your privilege,” the Twitter message said.

The phrase ‘check your privilege’ is commonly used by proponents of critical theory (a school of sociology rooted in cultural Marxism) to shut down dissent from those viewed as enjoying "privilege" based on their race or gender.

The comic strip portrays eight stereotypes of male supporters of feminism.

One panel portrays a women’s studies professor using his academic position as an opportunity to sleep with his students.

“As a professor of women's studies, I take great pleasure in emancipating and liberating thousands of impressionable young women every year. And every semester, I choose one lucky student to sleep with me,” one of the panels says.

Another panel portrays a “cisgender” man feeling that his homosexuality entitles him to be verbally abusive and misogynist towards women.

“As a cis-gendered gay man, I understand the oppression of women and feel a special kinship with them, which is why I verbally abuse them and say misogynist things to them,” said the comic strip.

Cisgender is a term applicable to someone whose gender identity is the same as their biological sex; i.e. the opposite of transgender.

Another panel portrays a man who takes care of his children and does domestic work as reclaiming his masculinity through “gaslighting” and undermining the women he works with.

“Even though my partner is a proud Feminist, and at home I take care of the kids and do all the domestic work, I feel castrated, so I reclaim my masculinity by gaslighting and undermining the women I work with,” said the comic strip.

Gaslighting is a term that comes from the 1938 play Gas Light that refers to a form of emotional abuse that causes a victim to question their own feelings, instincts, and sanity.

Another panel portrays a man who imposes the entire burden of his emotional labor on the "womxn" in his life.

“As much as I think I am an ally to womxn, I do not focus my work where it can make the most impact: other men. By pushing away relationships with men, I impose the burden of my emotional labor on the womxn in my life,” the comic strip character says.

‘Womxn’ (more commonly ‘womyn’) is a variant spelling used by some feminists to convey the idea that women are not just a sub-category of men.

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