Levin: Left, Media Throw Around Freedom of Press–Don’t Believe in Other Parts of 1st Amendment

By Natalia Mittelstadt | July 27, 2018 | 6:02pm EDT
Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, TV host, author and American lawyer Mark Levin (Screenshot)

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show Thursday, host Mark Levin suggested the overreaction to a CNN reporter being barred from attending an event at the Rose Garden after she refused to leave the Oval Office is the opposite of what happened under former President Obama, and pointed out the irony of the “left throw[ing]  around the Constitution” and the media “throw[ing] around freedom of the press,” when there are “other parts in the First Amendment that they don’t even believe in.”


“I love the way the left throws around the Constitution,” said Mark Levin. “I even love the way the media throw around freedom of the press. There’s other parts in the First Amendment that they don’t even believe in, like religious liberty.”

Levin’s comments came after the White House banned a CNN White House reporter, Kaitlan Collins, according to Newsbusters, “from a Rose Garden announcement about tariffs following what the Trump administration believed were inappropriate questions shouted by Collins hours earlier about Michael Cohen and Vladimir Putin to the President.” The nationally syndicated radio host contrasted the reaction to this instance with that of Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro’s questioning of then President Barack Obama.

Below is a transcript of Mark Levin’s remarks on his show Thursday:

Mark Levin: “I want you to listen to this montage, as a result of Neil Munro questioning a different president—Obama—in the Rose Garden, not about federal prosecutors, not about his private attorney, about actual policy issues, may I add.  And guess what?  Munro’s interruption was racist – was racist!  Cut two, go.”

Montage: “It’s very, very difficult to—to—to—place race outside of this context.  Certainly, in my experience, it’s hard to—to—to divorce that, because this president doesn’t look like the others.”

“And I think a lot of the same thing is happening with our attorney general.  And we’ve gotta—you know, these are two men who are doing an outstanding job—but there are folks who just don’t like it, and—and they’ve never treated other folks like this.  But here they are doing it to these young men.”

“Is it because they’re both black?”

“I think that probably has something to do with it.”

“This disrespect of this human being is—cannot be disconnected from the fact that he’s black.”

“You have to ask the question: would the right wing be doing this if we had a white president there?”

“And any person who doesn’t believe that race plays some role in that, is—is—is floating down the river of denial.”


Levin: “Wow.  Race again.  It’s race.  I don’t remember news organizations putting out statements defending Neil Munro, do you?  And he wasn’t in the Oval Office. The time wasn’t cut off. Obama wasn’t with another foreign leader. He wasn’t being asked about prosecutors and such investigating him because that never happened, of course, because he’s Obama and they’d never do that.  But he was asked a policy question.

“April Ryan on CNN today, a leftist, cut three, go.”

April Ryan: “But then, CNN had that exclusive with those Cohen-Trump tapes.  They were angry.”

“They were angry.  And now, this.  There is retaliation.  And this administration doesn’t look good.  This president was sworn in, taking the oath of office, to—to support the Constitution.  In the First Amendment—the very first amendment—is freedom of the press.”

“He is going—he is violating his oath for—I mean, this is just—this is not good.”

Levin: “This is a reporter, ladies and gentlemen, and I’m sure she cares deeply about the Second Amendment, the Tenth Amendment, the Appointments Clause, and Article V Convention of States.  No she doesn’t. 

“I love the way the left throws around the Constitution.  I even love the way the media throw around freedom of the press. There’s other parts in the First Amendment that they don’t even believe in, like religious liberty.

“Then there’s Wolf Blitzer, yesterday on CNN.  Cut four, go.”

Wolf Blitzer: “I mean, it’s something you would expect to see in some totalitarian regime.”

Levin: “Ahh, there we go.  I’m surprised he didn’t say Hitler’s Third Reich.”

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