Vatican Adviser James Martin: Lawmakers Who Voted for Tax Bill Will Be Judged by God

Michael W. Chapman | December 4, 2017 | 4:03pm EST
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Fr. James Martin, SJ.

Fr. James Martin, SJ, a Catholic priest and adviser to the Vatican with a long history of promoting the LGBT agenda, said the tax bill passed by the Senate on Saturday "takes money from the poor to give to the rich," and that lawmakers who voted for it "will face consequences later, when they are judged" by God. 

Fr. Martin apparently does not support the legislation, and neither does God, according to the Jesuit priest.

In a Dec. 2 Tweet, Fr. Martin wrote, "The US will soon face the consequences of a #TaxBill that takes money from the poor to give to the rich. Those who voted for it will face consequences later, when they are judged."

He continued, "Do you think Jesus's words about being judged on how we care for the poor don't apply? Think again."

Fr. Martin immediately followed that Tweet with another that partly reads, "[A]ll of us will be called to stand before the 'Son of Man.' Take care that you live a live [life] of love, of mercy and of forgiveness. Take care that you care especially for the poorest and most marginalized."

Fr. Martin, who lives in New York City, was appointed consultant to the Vatican's Secretariat for Communications in April 2017.

Fr. Martin is known for making provocative statements, especially on LGBT issues.  See here, here, here, here, and here

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