Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon: Liberal Media 'Completely Focused on Trying to Destroy Trump'

By Michael W. Chapman | February 15, 2017 | 5:16pm EST

White House Chief Strategist

Steve Bannon.  (AP) 

In a story about White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer by CNN Senior Reporter Dylan Byers, Steve Bannon, chief strategist to President Donald Trump, excoriates the liberal media, which he calls "the opposition party," and reveals that he does not care about repairing or trying to maintain good relations with the press.

"The opposition party is completely focused on trying to destroy Trump and his administration," Bannon told CNN's Byers. "It's not going to happen."

As for trying to repair the relationship between the liberal media and the Trump administration, Bannon said,  "I could care less."

Bannon's criticism of the media is not new, and many conservatives find it refreshing.

In a Jan. 25 telephone interview with The New York Times, Bannon commented on the press, saying, “I want you to quote this: The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”

“You’re the opposition party,” he said. “Not the Democratic Party. You’re the opposition party. The media’s the opposition party.”

As for the election, “The elite media got it dead wrong, 100% dead wrong,” said Bannon. It was “a humiliating defeat that they will never wash away, that will always be there.”

Despite being 100% wrong about the election, “[t]he mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign,” said Bannon. “Look at the Twitter feeds of those people: They were outright activists of the Clinton campaign.”

“That’s why you have no power,” he said. “You were humiliated.”

Commenting further, Bannon said, “The paper of record for our beloved republic, The New York Times, should be absolutely ashamed and humiliated. They got it 100 percent wrong.”

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