Soros Donates $1 Million to Liberal J Street Super PAC

Michael W. Chapman | August 25, 2022 | 4:40pm EDT
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Billionaire activist George Soros.  (Getty Images)
Billionaire activist George Soros. (Getty Images)

Left-wing billionaire activist George Soros recently donated $1 million to J Street's super PAC, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), as reported by Haaretz's Ben Samuels.

J Street is a liberal lobbying group dedicated to securing the "State of Israel as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people," and promoting a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, reads the group's website

The $1 million donation to the J Street Action fund was provided by Soros' Democracy PAC, which was established in 2019 to fund organizations that help to elect Democrats. Democracy PAC reportedly spent $81.1 million in 2020. 

"The sum from Soros’ Democracy PAC is 20 times larger than any previous donation J Street Action Fund received, and comes after AIPAC’s United Democracy Project super PAC received nearly $30 million in donations – including six gifts of $1 million or more – since forming at the end of 2021," reported Samuels.

The report also noted that Soros has had a "long-standing relationship" with J Street; a "grant from his Open society Foundations covers approximately 6 percent of J Street's annual budget."


“We have been proud of and continue to be proud of our association with George Soros, the Soros family and Open Society," J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami told Haaaretz.  "That is something we’ve been proud of since 2009 when they first started funding us."

Ben-Ami added that he does not like the fact that AIPAC's super PAC takes money from Republican megadonors and spends it in Democratic primaries.

“We haven’t been upset about them taking money from billionaires," he said. "We’ve been upset that they’ve been taking money from Republican billionaires and then spending all the money in Democratic primaries. That’s a very big distinction."

“We would be more than happy to have just as many billionaires as they have donating to us,” said Ben-Ami.

AIPAC, the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee, is a pro-Israel organization that supports "a strong U.S.-Israel relationship through foreign aid, government partnerships, joint anti-terrorism efforts, and the promotion of peace through a negotiated two-state solution—a Jewish state of Israel living alongside a demilitarized Palestinian state."


AIPAC launched a federal PAC and a super PAC this year, reported Politico. The two PACs "will highlight and support current pro-Israel Democratic and Republican members of Congress, as well as candidates for Congress," said the group in an email. 

Ben-Ami criticized some of the Republican candidates AIPAC has endorsed, calling them "election-deniers," reported Samuels. 

“The issue isn’t George Soros," said Ben-Ami.  "The issue is the candidates that are running in this election, who are a threat to our democracy and to the American national interest. AIPAC and its funders have chosen to throw their support behind candidates who are a threat to this country and to our very foundation – that’s where the focus should be.”

Ben-Ami also praised Soros for his apparent support of democracy.  

“A bunch of candidates being supported by AIPAC and AIPAC supporters are looking to undercut our democracy,” warned Ben-Ami. “So I’m more than happy to be on the side of the pro-democracy billionaire than to be associated with an organization that is promoting candidates who are undermining this country.”

George Soros, a Jew, was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He has an estimated net worth of $8.6 billion and has donated more than $30 billion to various causes over the years. 

National Review reported that in 2006, "Soros said that 'the main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States.' Not Iran, not Russia, not China, not Islamist terrorist groups, not transnational crime . . . the United States."

Also, in 2010, Soros "declared that China has 'a better functioning government than the United States.'"

In a 2007 article in The New York Review of Books, Soros said, "AIPAC’s mission is to ensure American support for Israel but in recent years it has overreached itself. It became closely allied with the neocons and was an enthusiastic supporter of the invasion of Iraq. It actively lobbied for the confirmation of John Bolton as US ambassador to the United Nations. It continues to oppose any dialogue with a Palestinian government that includes Hamas."

"Whether the Democratic Party can liberate itself from AIPAC’s influence is highly doubtful," wrote Soros.  "Any politician who dares to expose AIPAC’s influence would incur its wrath; so very few can be expected to do so. It is up to the American Jewish community itself to rein in the organization that claims to represent it. But this is not possible without first disposing of the most insidious argument put forward by the defenders of the current policies: that the critics of Israel’s policies of occupation, control, and repression on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem and Gaza engender anti-Semitism."

h/t Haaretz

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