Russian Witches Perform 'Circle of Power' Ceremony to Empower Putin

By Michael W. Chapman | February 8, 2019 | 2:32pm EST
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A coven of Russian witches gathered in Moscow on Feb. 5 to perform a "circle of power" ritual to generate supernatural power to aid President Vladimir Putin, reported the Daily Mail

Based on the video of the ceremony, it looks as if about 70 witches participated in the occult event held in a large room in Moscow. Alyona Polyn, the head of the coven, led the ceremony by reading from a book of spells. As she read, the other witches, dressed in black robes with hoods, listened and then later repeated some what she said.

"We are gathered here to make the world better off through Russia," said Polyn, after ringing a bell. "We respect our president, and a person of power cannot not respect the existing authority."

"We undersatnd that the power must aid the authorities and aid the nation and subsequently the Earth," she said. 

"Come up with the greatness, power of Russia," beckoned Polyn. "Direct the way of Vladimir Putin right and correctly throughout the world. Breath, Mother Earth, embracing Russia on all sides. Oh primordial power, return to the abyss those who wish hate upon Russia. May Russia rise and step away from grief and poverty and may the coming days open the gates of happiness for Russia."

"All hail!" she said, and the other witches responded. 

After the ceremony, one of the witches said to a reporter, "I must say, this is not a rally. This is a circle of power. ... This is a concrete action, a magical act aimed at improving quality of Russia on planet Earth and, of course, to help the president."

According to Marc Bennetts, a British journalist and author who lives in Moscow, "there are thousands of online advertisements for 'magical services'" throughout Russia. "In 2010, a psychologist with the Russian Academy of Sciences cited World Health Organisation data that indicated there were more occult/faith healers (800,000) in Russia than professional doctors (640,000)."


"Russia’s Academy of Sciences estimates that 67 percent of all Russian women have at some time sought help from a 'psychic or sorcerer,'" reported Bennetts. "The figure for Russian men is one in four."

h/t Daily Mail

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