Rev. Graham: 'Let's Pray' That Trump Will Pick SCOTUS Nominee 'Who Fears God'

By Michael W. Chapman | July 3, 2018 | 12:51pm EDT
Rev. Franklin Graham.

Commenting on President Donald J. Trump's pending nomination of a candidate to replace retiring Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, evangelical leader Franklin Graham said Trump was elected in 2016, in part, to pick justices who follow the Constitution as it was written, and that now Americans should pray that the president will select someone "who fears God" and who will "uphold the Constitution."

In a June 27 post on Facebook, Rev. Graham, son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, said, "During the last presidential election, I encouraged people to vote and reminded them that election was not about bad language or one’s emails—but it was really about who did you trust most to nominate a justice or justices to the nation’s highest court."

"President Donald J Trump has already nominated a conservative, Neil Gorsuch," said Graham.


"[A]nd now he has a historic opportunity to nominate another justice to take Justice Anthony Kennedy’s place who is stepping down next month," said the reverend.

"Let’s pray for the president, that he will select a justice who fears God, who will uphold the Constitution, and who will defend the liberties of all Americans," said Rev. Graham. 

President Trump, during the 2016 campaign, released a list of potential Supreme Court justices he would pick from if elected president and called on to select a nominee. that list can be viewed here


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