Rev. Graham on Ireland Vote: Making Abortion Legal, Like Slavery Was, 'Doesn't Make It Right'

By Michael W. Chapman | May 30, 2018 | 10:45am EDT
Rev. Franklin Graham.

Commenting on the majority of Irish people who voted to overturn their 8th Amendment that prohibited abortion, Christian leader Franklin Graham said that making something legal by majority vote does not make it right, just like slavery was not right even though it was once legal in the United States. 

He added that the Irish people who voted to allow the killing of children by abortion will, like everyone in the world, some day "stand before God" to "give an account" of their actions, and this accounting "may be sonner than later." 

In a May 26 post on Facebook, Rev. Graham said, "They’re calling it a landslide—I call it a national tragedy. Yesterday [May 25] Ireland voted to repeal their 8th amendment, which protected the unborn child and gave equal rights to the life of a mother and a child. So now, what they have decided is that the stronger have the right to take the life of the weaker."

A baby killed by saline-injection abortion. (Priests for Life)

"At least 33% of the country got it right," he said. "Just because the majority who voted say that murdering the unborn should be legal, doesn’t mean that it‘s right."

"Just because the Hutus in Rwanda had a majority and wanted to kill all the Tutsis, that doesn’t make it right," said Graham. 

"For many years in the United States, the majority thought slavery was okay and should be legal, but that doesn’t make it right," he added.

"No matter what country you live in," said Graham, "everyone needs to remember that you will stand before God one day and give an account for your actions—and it may be sooner than later."

Irish women praising the legalization of abortion in their country. (YouTube) 

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