Rev. Graham: 'I Hope Every Christian' Votes Against Godless 'LGBTQ Agenda'

Michael W. Chapman | October 16, 2019 | 5:18pm EDT
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Rev. Franklin Graham.

In explaining that God's Word, Scripture, is the truth and provides a clear guide for all moral, social, and political situations, Rev. Franklin Graham said he hopes all Christians go to the ballot box in 2020 and stand against the "godless, socialist agenda" of the LGBTQ movement and the abortion industry. He added that Christians need to defend religious liberty and support "god-fearing judges," if our nation is to survive.

"Obedience to God’s Word brings blessing," said Rev. Graham in his commentary for the October issue of Decision magazine.  "Disobedience brings chastisement and ultimately eternal punishment in Hell away from the majesty and presence of God."

"God’s Word encompasses every sector of living, teaching, instructing, correcting and rebuking," he said. "When a political party speaks about values but endorses abortion and same-sex marriage, they are completely rejecting Scripture that speaks very clearly on these issues."

They are rejecting the order of nature as established by God -- male and female He made them -- and thus are at war with God. 

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He continued, "The Bible says we are knit together by God in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). The Bible says that God has created us male and female, so that we might be joined to one another (Genesis 1:27). The Bible condemns homosexual behavior (Romans 1:26-31). We need a return to God’s Word."

"When God speaks, and He does so through Scripture, all of us should listen," said Rev. Graham, who oversees the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA). 

A baby killed by saline-injection abortion. (Priests for Life)

To help with listening, "religious liberty" must be defended by our leaders, he added, and for that America needs to have "God-fearing judges" in the courts who will defend that liberty. 

Some progress has been made in the last few years with federal judges, Supreme Court justices, and restrictions on abortion, said Rev. Graham. However, abortion is still legal, " and it is  a stench in the nostrils of God," he said. 

"More than 50 million babies have been slaughtered by licensed butchers, and some today even embrace the horrific notion of murdering an infant after he or she is born," said the reverend." Even as states attempt to place restrictions on abortions, liberal, progressive judges have struck down pro-life laws."

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"Perhaps the greatest threat to our religious liberty right now comes from the frenzied LGBTQ agenda," he said.  "The media elite and political progressives have joined together to advance and promote this immoral and unhealthy lifestyle as normal and acceptable."

"I for one am sick and tired of these godless politicians trying to cram this down our throats," said Rev. Graham.  "I hope every Christian will go to the ballot box in this next election and stand against what is a godless, socialist agenda."

In concluding his commentary, the reverend said, "God’s Word is Truth. Authoritative Truth. Any so-called value system that contradicts it is founded on lies and deceit, and inevitably leads to disaster and ruin for individuals, cultures and nations."

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