Rev. Graham on ‘Bathroom Bills’: ‘It Sets The Stage for Pedophiles and Predators’

By Michael W. Chapman | April 1, 2016 | 1:37pm EDT

Rev. Franklin Graham (BGEA)


Commenting on the push by LGBT activists to create laws allowing transgenders and people who are “gender fluid” – denying their biology -- to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice, Reverend Franklin Graham said it was “abhorrent” and “sets the stage for pedophiles and predators” and “all manner of evil.”

Recently, the City Council of Charlotte, N.C. passed an ordinance permitting bathrooms and locker rooms based on gender choice, but it was nullified by a state law banning such proposals. For contrast, the South Dakota legislature passed a bill restricting bathroom use to male and female, based on a person’s biology, but the governor vetoed it.

As Rev. Graham, who lives in North Carolina, explained in the April issue of Decision magazine, the Charlotte measure “was approved by a 7-4 vote. Like other cities that have passed similar laws, it means that anyone who ‘self-identifies’ as a given gender can use the restroom they prefer.” 

“It sets the stage for pedophiles and predators, and it opens the door for all manner of evil,” said the reverend, who is the son of world-renowned preacher Billy Graham, who also lives in North Carolina.

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The Charlotte City Council committed an “abhorrent act,” said Rev. Graham, who stressed that Christians must pray for our leaders and our country.

As for South Dakota, he explained that “the state legislature voted recently to require students to use public school restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their biological sex, not their gender identity. This is nothing more than pure common sense morality: boys in the boys’ shower, girls in the girls’ shower.”

“Despite the approval of both the state House and Senate, the governor vetoed the bill,” said the reverend. “I don’t know why this legislation that sought to protect young girls and boys was overridden, but if Biblical wisdom and principles had prevailed, it would have been quickly enacted.”

Rev. Graham continued, “This is not the time for believers to disengage from the culture. Rather, it is an incredible opportunity for concerned Christians to be Gospel salt and light in practical, influential ways. Like the men of Issachar, we must be people who ‘understand our times’ (1 Chronicles 12:32), who realize the clear and present danger of godless, immoral forces on our decaying culture.”

“This past decade has seen a violent, destructive descent into a moral abyss,” said Franklin Graham.  “Only a few years ago, we had more than 30 states pass traditional marriage referendums and amendments. That changed dramatically with the recent Supreme Court ruling affirming same-sex marriage, culminating in a rainbow-illumined White House and a press conference celebrating the new law.”

We must do all we can “to stem the tide of evil,” said Rev. Graham, “but ultimately our hope is in Almighty God alone.”

Citizens must pray for the nation, he said. Specifically, we must “pray by first confessing our own sins,” said Rev. Graham.

White House illuminated in

homosexual rainbow colors.

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Then, “pray that governing authorities on every level will fulfill their divinely appointed role of rewarding good and punishing evil (Romans 13:1-4),” he said.

Also, “pray for leaders who fear God and not men (Proverbs 29:25, Matthew 10:28),” said the reverend.

In his concluding remarks, Rev. Graham said, “Prayer is the absolute key to seeing God’s mighty hand move in our personal and national affairs,” and “our hope for the future of this nation is in God alone.”

“Pray that God will hear and answer our pleas for Him to bless America with genuine repentance, revival and lasting renewal,” said the reverend.

Decision magazine is published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), which is based in Charlotte, N.C. Franklin Graham is the president of the BGEA, and he also oversees the international Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purse.

Billy Graham, 97 and reportedly doing well, resides west of Charlotte at his home in Montreat, N.C. 

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