Pastor Gallups: 'We Violated The Borders of Our Children's Minds' Teaching 'They Come From Monkeys And There Is No God'

By Michael W. Chapman | February 2, 2017 | 3:06pm EST

Baptist Pastor Carl Gallups. 

(Screenshot: YouTube) 

Evangelical pastor and best selling author Carl Gallups said the United States has violated so many of God's moral borders in relation to sexuality, family, marriage, gender, and even the teaching of atheistic evolution that it affects our geographical borders, such that enemies enter and chaos erupts in society. This is both spiritual and physical warfare, he added, stressing that the current political attempt to bring law, order, and borders back to the nation -- to right the ship of state -- is facing opposition from the left and its "counterpart in the demonic realm."

“Here’s what I have been saying for years," said Pastor Gallups during a Jan. 30 interview on the Rob Schilling Show (Newsradio WINA). "Look, we have violated the borders of our children’s minds. For 100 years we have told them that they come from monkeys and that there is no God. We have violated the borders of their souls and their spirits."

"We have violated the borders of the womb in America and have destroyed 60 million children," said Gallups. "We have violated the borders of sexuality. We have violated the borders of family. We have violated the borders of marriage. We have violated the borders of gender."

"And now," he said, "as a judgment from God or as discipline from God, our own geographical borders are now being violated."

The Bible backs up this idea, said Gallups, noting that it happened with Israel. 

“This was one of God’s disciplines and, ultimately, judgments -- because they wouldn’t turn back to Him -- on the nation of Israel," said the author of the 2016 best seller, The Magic Man in the Sky.  "They kept violating the borders of God’s Word and the boundaries [so] God eventually, in the physical realm, opened their borders so the enemy came in among them and defeated them.”

Earlier in the interview, host Rob Schilling talked about how the liberal media are portraying current events "as almost unprecedented chaos," after eight years of lawlessness under the Obama administration, to the point that it seems "like the Hounds of Hell have been released."

Pastor Gallups said, "That’s exactly right. Of course, I come from a biblical worldview and you do as well, and we’re not going to get too preachy here. But the bottom line is we are watching the unseen realm."

"We’re watching what Paul spoke of in Ephesians 6, that our battle is not just against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and heavenly places," said Gallups. "It’s a divine realm, in unseen places. So, we are watching spiritual warfare."

“Everything is turned upside down," he said.  "The media calls it chaos, when as a matter of fact the lawlessness of at least the last eight years, and even before then, that was the chaos. What’s happening now is a big, heavy dose, a seismic shift of common sense, rule of law and human decency is beginning to come back in vogue."

Students at the University of California-Berkeley demonstrate, light fires, and destroy property to protest the scheduled

speech of libertarian/conservative Milo Yiannopoulos, Feb. 1, 2017.  (AP) 

"And the left," he said,  "and their counterpart in the demonic realm, they are screaming, ‘Oh, it’s utter chaos, it’s utter chaos.’ No, actually, the ship is being righted.”

Pastor Carl Gallups is the long-time senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Fla. He is the author of six books, and he hosts a national talk radio program.

Gallups is also the founder of the internet PNN News and the Ministry Network. He frequently comments on current events on television and radio, including Fox Business Network, The Five, the Jim Bakker Show, Pat Boone and PTL and Atlanta Live TV.

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