Pastor Cruz: ‘We Are on The Brink of The Destruction of This Country’

Michael W. Chapman | March 31, 2015 | 12:37pm EDT
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Evangelical Pastor Rafael Cruz, the father of Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), said the Obama administration is “the most lawless administration” in U.S. history, where “the Constitution is trampled every day,” and further declared, "we are on the brink of the destruction" of America.

“We are on the brink of the destruction of this country,” said Rev. Cruz during a Mar. 28 interview on “Eagle Forum Live,” hosted by conservative Phyllis Schlafly.   “We are for the first time facing handing our children and our grandchildren a country that is less than what we inherited.”

“We have the most lawless administration we have ever had, where the rule of law, the Constitution is trampled every day,” said Pastor Cruz, who leads Purifying Fire Ministries, based near Dallas, Texas. “The separation of powers is trampled on a daily basis.  We have judges legislating from the bench."

"And we have a president who says he has a pen and a phone and totally disregards the rule of law, and is governing by decree, by executive action, basically like an emperor more than a president," said the pastor.

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When host Phyllis Schlafly said that Obama was governing like a tsar, Pastor Cruz agreed and went on to say, “If we have 8 more years of this type of government, this country will be destroyed.”

As for what Christians concerned about the nation can do, Pastor Cruz commented on the constitutional design of America and urged people to support biblical truths and the leaders who uphold those truths.

“One of the things that we have in America that the Framers gave us is this is a constitutional representative republic,” said the pastor. “We need to exercise our voice at the ballot box."

Pastor Rafael Cruz. (Photo: Heritage Foundation)

"When you realize that it is a small minority of Americans that elect – any person that is elected to office – it behooves us, as men and women of faith, as Christians, to go to the ballot box and vote according to biblical values," said Rev. Cruz.  "Vote for men and women that uphold the principles that have made America great.”

Rev. Cruz fought against the Communists in Cuba, was arrested there and tortured.  He fled the island in 1957 at age 18. He eventually settled in Texas and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2005.  His Dallas-based church also operates Christian ministries in Mexico and Central America. His wife, Eleanor Wilson Cruz, was born in Wilmington, Del.

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