Neo-conservative Bill Kristol Donated $200 to Pro-Abortion Ralph Northam Campaign

By Michael W. Chapman | February 5, 2019 | 4:38pm EST
Neo-conservative Bill Kristol.
(Getty Images)

Neo-conservative Bill Kristol, a staunch NeverTrumper and founder of the now-defunct The Weekly Standard, donated to the Virginia gubernatorial campaign of Ralph Northam in August 2017, according to the Daily Caller. Northam is in the news lately because of his apparent racism and his support for abortion at the moment of birth, infanticide. Many Democrats and not a few Republicans nationwide are calling on Northam to resign. 

As the Daily Caller reported, Kristol revealed last year that he had donated to the Northam campaign in 2017 because he was "infuriated" with President Trump's response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D).  (Getty Images)

Also, in a Nov. 4, 2017 tweet, Kristol asked his followers, "Q: Vote for [Ed] Gillespie who'd (mostly) strengthen non-Trumpy forces in GOP? Or for Northam as protest against Gillespie's Trumpy campaign?" In the response, 80% said vote for Northam and 15% said vote for Gillespie.

Virginia State Election records show that Kristol donated $200 to the Northam campaign in August 2017, reported the Daily Caller

Kristol told The New Yorker that he was "pleased" with Northam's win and added, “I really could make a case that the country would be better off with the Democrats running the House, because, if the Republicans aren’t willing to check Trump, someone has to.”

In a Jan. 31, 2019 tweet, Kristol claimed that he and his fellow #NeverTrumpers "are doing our best to save the GOP."

Kristol could have supported the conservative, pro-life Gillespie but he chose to back the pro-infanticide liberal Ralph Northam. 

To date, Kristol apparently has not expressed any misgivings about supporting Northam, a politician so extreme in his abortion views he has been called "Dr. Mengele."

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