MSNBC's Mika and Joe Mocked Trump's Warnings: 'Nonsense! The Caravan's Not Coming!'

By Michael W. Chapman | November 26, 2018 | 3:19pm EST
Caravan migrants march to
U.S. border fence near
Tijuana, Mexico, Nov. 25,
2018. (Getty Images)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were quick to mock President Trump and Fox News after the midterms about the migrant caravan swarming to the U.S.-Mexico border, sarcastically remarking on Morning Joe that the story was overblown, had no legs, and was essentially an election stunt.

However, there are 7,000-plus migrants now in Tijuana and Mexicali and more than 40 people attempted to breach a hole in the border fence yesterday and another 42 migrants were caught and arrested on U.S. soil. 

Border Patrol agents have responded with tear gas to repel the invaders, Tijuana's humaniatrian resources are stretched, and the number of migrants is expected to swell to 10,000.  President Trump has threatened to shut the entire border temporarily if the pressures become too much for U.S. and Mexican authorities. 

It's unlikely that MSNBC's Mika and Joe will retract their doltish mockery of the caravan story. For the record, here is what these titans of journalism said on Nov. 7, 2018: 

Mika Brzezinski: “If we were like Fox and echoed the president’s narrative -- what he thinks were the biggest concerns in this country right now, if it were a week ago -- maybe we’d be going to a reporter at the border about the caravan making its way into the country.”

President Donald Trump.  (Getty Images)

Joe Scarborough: “I’m sure Fox had somebody covering the caravan yesterday, right?

Brzezinski: “No, they don’t.”

Scarborough: “Did Martha [MacCallum] go to the border yesterday?”

Brzezinski: “Is the DHS secretary still at the border? Are they preparing for 15,000 troops?”

Scarborough: “No Fox people are at the border this morning?”

Brzezinski: “But they thought it was such a big story, thought that our country was in danger. They were placing reporters at the border and were doing 24-hour coverage. It’s got to be such a danger to us.”

Scarborough: “Did Rush Limbaugh talk about the caravan today, Alex? What about Hannity – did Hannity talk about smallpox coming at the border?”

Brzezinski: “What!? But smallpox is coming to America. They told us this is news.”

Scarborough: “I don’t understand. This was an invasion that was going to threaten our very way of life. They were bringing leprosy and smallpox up.”

Migrants, many from Honduras, rush towards the U.S. border fence near Tijuana, Mexico. 
(Getty Images)

A little later in the segment, Scarborough mockingly remarked, “It’s such nonsense, and Donald Trump ended with that racist campaign. And for everybody there telling me, ‘No, it’s a real story, we’re worried about the caravan, they’re coming, and Trump’s strong enough to – I go back to what I said about Martians coming into my back yard: They’re not coming. The caravan’s not coming. The leprosy’s not coming.”

On the Nov. 6 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe, co-host Scarborough reported that the president was "lying about this ghost caravan."  

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