MRC Launches ‘Save the Snowflakes’ Campaign

By Michael W. Chapman | December 14, 2016 | 11:49am EST

Young women crying after Hillary

Clinton lost the election on Nov. 8,

2016.  (AP) 

Given the devastating emotional and psychological consequences of Donald Trump’s election victory on sensitive, liberal college students – a.k.a., snowflakes – the Media Research Center has launched a special project, “Save The Snowflakes.”

In a Dec. 14 statement about the project, MRC President Brent Bozell said, “I cannot think of a more important time in our nation’s history to launch Save the Snowflakes. With inconsolable college students around the country coming to grips with the election results, the MRC hears their cries loud and clear.”

“Last month it was Trump,” said Bozell. “This month it's Christmas. Then Easter, Halloween, the Emmys -- the list is endless.”

“We will not sit idly by as students suffer in silence,” he said.  “We stand in solidarity with their tortured souls because no one deserves to suffer through unspeakable tragedy without pony rides and bubbles.”

“The vitally important work of Save the Snowflakes cannot happen without your generosity,” said Bozell.  “Will you sacrifice just one iced, grande, sugar free, no-whip, cinnamon, dolce soy skinny latte a week to help us Save the Snowflakes?”

As the MRC explained, “Save the Snowflakes was conceived in the wake of the election of Donald Trump as our next president and the need for a national response to the massive nationwide doldrums spreading on college campuses.”

“Students at the most prestigious universities have been given hot chocolate, puppies to cuddle, and coloring books as a way to help them come to grips with living under a president they did not vote for, but all come in limited supply,” said the MRC.

"Save The Snowflakes" special project was launched by the

Media Research Center on Dec. 13, 2016.    (AP photo.) 

Save the Snowflakes was created to ensure that all snowflakes have the same access to resources whenever they encounter others with whose opinions they disagree," said the organization.

To learn more about Save The Snowflakes and to make a donation, click here.



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